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Little effect on the new policy after the introduction of the new policy by the end of May, the Shenzhen be hit the secondary market, the overall turnover dropped significantly, but the Lo Wu Control Point Area of the impact on second-hand property market is relatively small. Attached from the Lo Wu Control Point Ground floor near the United World Chinese Commercial real estate know, in June the market volume is not greater volatility, and basically the same as in May, while the rental market more active. Port Area of the property mainly in small units, through the combination of United World Chinese Commercial real estate market research and transaction data can be seen that 95% of the Port Area of property transactions in an area concentrated in 90 square meters, the new policies related Down payment requirements in the transaction did not affect the Area and, more importantly, the film area to customers in Hong Kong-based buyer, capital is relatively abundant, a higher proportion of the down payment is not so sensitive. General real estate near the port of older age, buying a house in the Port Area to invest mainly in the 70% investment ratio. Active investment market, many home purchases are not more than 5 years of years or even more than 2 Not many years, so investors in almost all the business tax policy is acceptable and will not cause much impact on the transaction. Stable prices rise, the rental market of many active customers in Hong Kong or overseas customers often will target the On the property near the Lo Wu Control Point. Secondary market, regardless of the film area buyer, seller, or lessor, the lessee, in which Hong Kong customers account for a large proportion of the proportion of 70% or more. At the same time as the film area rent Gold higher levels, high return on investment has attracted a lot of investors in the property market in Shenzhen Port Area to purchase property for leasing. Therefore, three levels of Lo Wu Control Point Area market purchase demand is very strong, prices have been steadily Rise, the current average price in 6900 yuan / square meters, an increase of more than 16% this year around. Port Area of the property was purchased for home after a relatively small, most of them are leasing, the rental market active. Rental housing near the port in Shenzhen at a high level, the average rent for 45 yuan / square meter. Short-term investments Information is suppressed until the New Deal, Port Area, off a considerable portion of the investment is short-term investments, investors tend to buy a property, the will immediately look for opportunities to sell to get short-term profits, so the property Hands high frequency, or even individual properties changed hands three times within two months. After the introduction of the new policy, the market prospects are not clear, and property prices are already high, near-term price trend is difficult to predict, so the inhibition of short-term investments are short-term investment behavior become very less. By the Area at the Lo Wu Control Point residential rental yield stable and relatively high, so now investors tend to buy property for leasing after the main, investors have chosen the long-term investment.

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