Serious imbalance between supply and demand in the Hong Kong office rental price

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News from the Wen Wei Po, Hong Kong real estate property market spread to the office market supply and demand imbalances, eye-catching target of speculation by domestic funds transferred to the office, from office rental prices in recent months, as evidenced by high Diego, the present Hong The cost of office rental values in Hong Kong is highest in the world, one year later than the rental cost for each one hundred sixty-one U.S. dollars, and will definitely weaken the financial center of Hong Kong as an international competition. Large private residential estates in urban areas generally more than 2097 high prices, coupled with the Government focused their attention on residential property price movements, has claimed that if necessary, and then moves to curb property market, the market speculators inevitably have scruples, some speculators have been fought in To the office market. Office properties over the past few months, active, cost has risen steadily in recent months a new series of high price. The mid-layer, Nine Queen's Road Central office changed hands in three hundred forty-five million yuan, equivalent to sales per square late Price twenty-four thousand nine hundred and fifty yuan, hit a historical high at that time, the buyer is a local investor. Until recently, the ninth floor office in the Center Seventy three hundred thirty-eight million yuan to the transaction, each cost as much as twenty-five thousand late Five hundred, breaking a record high last month, if nothing unexpected happens, the new office will be coming at high prices, low interest rate environment continued in the next, and the brightest to enter the office market speculators have been. Also, office rents rising, the more anxious the more liters, the core area in Central bid for Grade A office rents approaching two hundred yuan. Dade line, according to the report, the overall office space in the third quarter as rising rents an estimated fourth quarter Up another five per cent, mainly office oversupply situation in the past few years has been reported reversal, especially in the central business district in Central New supply of Grade A office space close to zero. In fact, ○ 九年 ○ 八年 office greatly reduced as compared to the completion of five into 6-150000 square meters, for three years at least, the future supply of office space will only be reduced instead of increased, because the Government introduced in recent years very little commercial land sale, supply and demand imbalance may be more serious than residential! The Government recently announced plans to publicize the focus is Hong Kong's global financial center for the country to attract global investors to participate in the financing, the RMB business and wealth management, Hong Kong as an Offshore Center play International Finance Centre and the advantages of asset management center. However, the Hong Kong office market supply and demand imbalance has now, will it affect the competitiveness of Hong Kong? Office supplies being inadequate, it is duty-bound. "Chinese elements" to become the biggest selling points to attract international hot money inflows, in the past year and a half, Hong Kong, a proliferation of fifty percent of hedge funds, fund managers setting up new applications for a record, by hedge funds Reasonable number of up to three hundred people, and even George Soros has also stationed in Hong Kong's companies, together with expansion of the existing office building faces the financial industry, the new Hong Kong office supply has clearly failed to meet the market demand increases, or will not be out of office rental Is a large rise, high price of Diego mad state. By now, the Government should as soon as possible by pushing commercial sites, located in the central market area, is believed to be real-time auction of commercial land available, to alleviate the office supply cabinet in the area lack of immediate need.

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