Yao Ming: I have force disease

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Before the program transcribe yesterday, " basketball wind and cloud " undertook to fan street is visited, most to Yao Ming blessing is restful, healthy. And Yao Ming also expresses before be about to return the United States: “ passes the training of rocket team, believe I can restore 100% . ” should train than risk one's life needlessly, very few somebody is compared so that cross Yao Ming, this go up, yao Ming admits. He says even: “ can say, I have force disease. ”

Go 4 years in, yao Ming performed an operation 3 times, on the face that is him solely, was seamed 50 much needles. Olympic Games year get hurt again, criterion Ling Yaoming felt dismay for the first time, suspect him life is bad even. “ is original I have some of dismay really, especially reduplicative gets hurt, get hurt 3 years continuously. I suspect him life is bad, should go calculating fortune-telling, of course this is joking. ”

A lot of athletes of “ sacrifice the health with him permanent body, become oneself more outstanding. Wait when retiring, next a suit injury fall on the body, the most typical case beside me is my parents. Those who include the Liu Xiang that everybody also cares get hurt, I think he also needs for a long time to restore. ” Yao Ming says, “ if I know this is oneself last match, I can insist to enter the court. But if there still will be a lot of opportunities henceforth, I can protect myself well. ”

Yao Ming's dismay does not depend on must a few months break away from basketball, however once the sort of frustrate move that giant begins to be defeated easily by adversary. Art of “ my adversary restores to have experience very much, but this the ability after 3 months allows me to begin run, sarcous atrophy degree already special big. Looking is not to look, but once run, can feel oneself are lame. When making a lot of motions, can loosen easily gently so accomplish, be not done now. Can defeat a few players very easily so, you are not done now. This is a kind of very big setback move, particularly special and apparent. ”

When this lets arrow of people after-thought on fire be defeated repeatedly, the Yao Ming before contest always is the first attendant on the setting of warm up, numerous often write down furtive in feel Yao Ming forces disease a bit even. Who can give “ me below the explanation, forcing disease is what meaning. ” yesterday, bout of Yao Ming head heard this argument, oneself also laughed. “ forces disease, must do a business namely. ” compere explains so. Yao Ming truly ponders the ground to say: “ can say I am to have then force disease. Train occasionally, for example today on Sunday, training in the morning, I can think, does otherwise fasten practice today? Next the heart thinks, calculated, still drill, practice is over at ease. I also am a person, not be a god, also can suffer mood effect. When I have pressure, the hope sets foot on field quickly. After setting foot on field, all pressure were done not have, because I will be dedicated,go up in basketball. ”
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