Magical autobiography of Ba Fei spy says to ever immersed oneself in investment

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“ of United States of dispatch of new wall bulletin divine ” Ba Fei is special first governments autobiography is about to roll out 29 days this month, global vermicelli made from bean starch stretchs a neck in order to wait for, have American media 19 days to get phonic edition of the autobiography, the “ that takes the lead in announcing this to be full of in the self-confidence on bazaar divine ” , so all the time under cover is self-abased at the same time; Because be absorbed in,invest again, the result forces late ex-wife.

According to the report, autobiographical name is " snowball: The business chance in Buffett and life " , the author that ever held the post of insurance analyst applies Lord, discuss Bafeiteru why to be passed through buy the company that is underestimated and jump litre it is global head rich one of, about the content of its defect, what also concern book of Ba Fei spy than other is much. Shi Luode discloses in the book, buffett is in 20 come year old when just marrying, no matter haircut, buy groceries or and person truck, rely on wife susan to do sth for sb. Shi Luode writes: “ besides the business, everything what susan discovers the husband goes up in the life lacks self-confidence. He never is experienced by love, she still detects, he does not feel he is congenial. ”

Susan is announced why to left Buffett 1977 again in the book, move san Francisco. Shi Luode is described, susan devotes oneself to Xiaoou to organize and Ba Fei is special an investment of be wrapped up in, make the time of 2 people coexist less and less.

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