The mobile phone is used to be able to make risk of cancer having a head increas

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In new network a startling new research showed electric Sweden on September 22, children and adolescent use portable phone, will make the opportunity tower above of cancer of brain of their manhood future trouble fivefold above. The expert points out, this research makes a person afraid, cerebral cancer may be become today when the “ epidemic ” that the youth did not come to now.

According to Hong Kong " big bulletin " report of dispatches from foreign news agency of 22 days of cite, this research sends cancerous risk to study one of data according to analysing the largest radiate further and come, professor Hadeer that forces hospital of cloth Lu Daxue by Swedish be stranded is chaired. Ha Deer is in this to organize “ radiate to study fiducial ” is held by independence, say on the meeting that at British London royal society holds, begin to use the person ” of portable phone “ is 20 years old before, have nerve the opportunity tower above of colloid tumour is fivefold above. And youth use household embraces some indoor radiophone generally and grow the additional risk that has this kinds of tumor, almost same also big, namely tower above is fourfold above. Nerve is colloid a kind of cancer that colloid cell place derives the nerve that tumour is system of supportive central nervous.

Ha Deer is compensatory, young when the person that begins to use portable phone, the opportunity that has aural nerve tumor also is original fivefold above. Aural nerve tumour is a kind of benign tumor, but often can cause break acute hearing. Their risk taller, because their cerebral ministry is mixed,be neurological still be in growth phase, also the head because of them lesser, skull is thinner also, radiation infiltrate through the rate of their head ministry is later also.

Ha Deer says: “ this is alarm date. Make a person anxious very much. We ought to adopt precautionary measures. He believes ” , not full children of 12 years old besides emergency, unfavorable use portable phone; Even if is adolescent also should be used avoid carry plant, perhaps regard the main communication of the mobile phone as means with short dispatch again. Arrived 20 years old, menace will decrease, because of ministry of the head when arriving overall already growth. But he admits, actually children is endangered with what teenage place gets, likely far relatively what his institute concludes is big, because his research is had no as a result,show the effect that their use phone brings for years. Major cancer metropolis conceal just breaks out for years, time is even longer than carrying the history of phone face city.

This research shows, already used a mobile phone 10 years the adult of above, suffer from on the opportunity of colloid tumour and aural nerve tumour should get nerve high much. Dan Hade Er says, still have no enough data to show at present, this relatively long-term use, how can increase the risk of the person that age begins to use a mobile phone gently.
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