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Xinhua net Berlin on September 22 report (reporter Hu Xiaobing) Bulvke is in Shitaiyin of German finance minister 22 days with the west group Ministry of finance grows 7 countries and express after negotiation of telephone call of central bank president, the west 7 countries other member country rejects the group share American finance rescuing plan.

The Yinbulvke that apply peaceful says, the west 7 countries the group is other the financial situation of member country and United States are different, accordingly they were not made plan accordingly to it, but urgent to the money market that American government publishs rescuing schedule shows a welcome, hope this plans to be able to carry out as soon as possible.

Williams of German government spokesman said here that day, germany was not necessary to come on stage like the United States such large-scale measure that help city. He says, german premier Mokeer reiterates again strengthen money market is adjusted and increase market diaphaneity.

Worsen further to prevent current banking crisis, the banking that American government rolled out an amount 20 days to amount to 700 billion dollar comes to help plan, in hoping other country participates in his. Baoersen of American finance minister expresses, a few countries issued positive signal, but still give commitment without the country.

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