3 swordsman of United States save wall street inside: Also spend in the office o

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3 swordsman of United States save wall street inside: Also spend in the office on the weekend World news bulletin

family air aside, also spend in the office on the weekend

" world news signs up for " reporter / Zhao Quanmin

From 15 days of Lei Man brotherly company announces to apply for to go bankrupt after protection, american government took the large-scale step that help city. This saves the detail of city program to be announced in 20 days eventually, its content includes accredit Ministry of finance to buy those who be as high as 700 billion dollar to be produced with the financial endowment related mortgage loan from domestic banking orgnaization, and national debt legal upper limit increases to 11.3 trillion dollar.

The United States " Washington Post " the report said recently, a series of decisive move that American government takes in the light of wall street crisis, completely rear by a “ group of 3 swordsmans ” is run. To answer this violent finance storm, nearly a few months come, the time that the time that 3 people are together accompanies wife than coming home is even much.

   There is come-and-go almost before

According to " Washington Post " 19 days of reports, 3 swordsman of this “ the member name of ” group is very big, they are finance minister Baoersen, beautiful couplet store chairman Bainake and new York federal lay in bank president Gaitena. From rescue Beiersideng to arrive take-over beauty of ground of Fang Limei, room and American international group, all key decision are made by these 3 people.

Observe this combination can discover, one is negotiation ace, one is economics professor, another is veteran official. Although these 3 people are experienced different, but collect produced ” of wonderful “ chemical effect however together.

Baoersen of 62 years old is the investment banker that promotes top officer from grass-roots unit of Gao Cheng company, the 3rd money that made bush-administration 2006 is long. Bainake of 54 years old is the expert of respect of financial crisis research. Gaitena of 47 years old is the employee of a Ministry of finance only at first, become government of gram Lin Du to answer later on century the crucial member of group of crisis of 90 time banking. He take-overed 2003 new York federal lays in a bank, increasingly rich to the understanding of wall street. Before holding the position of present position, 3 people do not have any come-and-go almost.

   Risk huge risk “ to let go ” Lei Man

" Washington Post " divulge say, when Lei Man brotherly company is in go bankrupt the brim during, the presiding apparitor Sai Enjin that Bao Ersen manages with beautiful Lin Gong above all went to meet under the counter, he concludes later think, american bank won't buy Lei Man's brother, lei Man's collapse a few into finality.
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