Antitrust law: Who can be the first person that break ice

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" antitrust law " element has ” of “ economy constitution say, be prevent and check competition of fairness of market of forestall behavior, protection and the basic law that uphold market order. " antitrust law " begin to draft from 1994, all previous grows via 13 years after running, passed by standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress on August 30 last year eventually. Rose on August 1 from this year, " antitrust law " begin to be carried out formally, inside the chrysalis that is as long as 1 year, transnational corporation is in recombine sadly, forestall state-owend enterprise in the dark stronger, who will become the first of this law person that break ice? People wait and see what happens.

Lawyer Li Fangping accuses Chinese net opens Beijing branch (net of Beijing of “ of the following abbreviation understands one proposal of ”) forestall at official on September 18 put on record, this is called civilian “ antitrust ” of the first case.

Actually, the net is connected be not the first by suitor. On August 1 " antitrust law " first days when carry out, publish a report according to media, home had antitrust litigation case 3 cases to apply for put on record at least that day: Beijing million believes 4 enterprises preventing bogus such as IT limited company to sue a country to pledge check total bureau pushs “ electron by force to superintend case of forestall of net ” administration, beijing lawyer plum just makes the same score shape to accuse Beijing net to connect use monopoly position to be treated to difference of ” of “ new citizen case, shape informs office of division of Wu of duty of Zhejiang beyond Yao Yi municipal government restricts his fair competition case. However, up to now, in afore-mentioned lawsuit only the net is connected case be able to put on record, become our country first antitrust lawsuit.

   The net connects: Economic forestall first arrow target

Li Fangping says in the indictment, he from Beijing is in since June 1998 long-term job, life, it is census register the ” of “ Beijing new citizen of outer ground. A few years ago, li Fangping opens Beijing branch in Chinese net when the newspaper installs fixed phone, the accused knows: The user that census register seat is not in Beijing, should deal with assure accordingly formalities, perhaps conduct the business of imprest cost. Because he did not look for a person to assure, chose ” of business of “ imprest fee then. Later, beijing net is connected roll out a series of favourable services, but cost pays customer after be aimed at only, li Fangping regards “ as user of ” of imprest fee business, cannot enjoy these privilege.

The “ distinction that gets to oneself treats ” , li Fangping thinks, beijing net knows the forestall place that is in Beijing area by right of its, all the time ” of reason of excuse “ technology is intended perhaps and protracted the software of system of plan cost platform is improved, so as to maintains the discriminate of ” of user of imprest to “ cost, its had formed " antitrust law " the 17th forestall behavior of the 6th regulation: “ does not have warrant, trade to the condition trades identically to be in relative to the person discriminate is executed on the trading terms such as the price. ”
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