The scientist forecasts future 50 years the world: The mankind will be far from

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Time of Beijing of dispatch of sina science and technology on September 22 message, according to England " daily telecommunications signs up for " report, the condition that scientists may produce 50 years to human future a few days ago undertook forecasting, this understands this destiny and prospective future to have important referenced sense further to the mankind.

Forecast show, henceforth in 50 years of time, the mankind will realize spark holding a person to explore, settle in the moon, build space plant, on minor planet memory of mining, erasure, cerebra transplants, still can be far from death to acquire eternal life even. And the ashtray that people often uses at present, post-office, purse and table computer, probable meeting forever disappear.

Be opposite for scientists below did not come 50 years forecast:


Will disappear: Handwritten and epistolary; The concept of ” of “ normal climate; Individual privacy; Ashtray; Milk labour.

Will appear: Identifying of true and false implement; Wear the computer on the body; Dream machine.


Will disappear: Stray; Thank a letter; Onshore phone.

Will appear: The mankind is resident on the moon; The mobile telephone that can use casually; Intelligent cosmetic; Use the guesthouse that sleep technically.


Will disappear: Palisi - Hilton (star) ; Post-office; Jockey freely; The survival of the the First World War; Did not keep apart the beach of column; Secretary; DVD; Russia democracy; The phone is thin; “ is thoroughly emeritus the concept of ” ; Governmental pension.

Will appear: Robot surgery operation; Man-made eyeball.


Will disappear: Correct spelling; Drive on free path; Table computer; Do not work on the weekend; Maldives.

Will appear: Hydrogenous fuel is filled note a station; Maritime jail; Memorial erasure implement; Organic Internet.


Will disappear: High-definition TV; Levee reef (a kind of) of cay; Labour union; Death duty; Eat lunch; Furrow; Face-lifting operation.

Will appear: The robot attends baby; Fictitious holiday; Extend the ladder to aerospace; Remember booster artificially; The car that drives automatically; Man-made bacterium.


Will disappear: Children falls play in the circumstance that did not superintend; Coin; Oil; Microsoft; The middle class; Cheap journey; Bangladesh.

Will appear: But the road of ego rehabilitate; According to the cookbook with individual custom-built gene; 3D printer; Fictitious window.


Will disappear: Money and purse; Gasoline engine; Become addiction and deaf to all can be cured; Native money; Free communal space; “ Is am sorry ” this entirely reads aloud; European Union.
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