Expert of company division courtyard says our country enters salary ascendant cy

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Ma Wenting) the interest of “ whole world that Li Yang of director of institute of finance of company division courtyard held yesterday adjusts medium China express on forum of ” of macroscopical banking venture, will for a long time look, china won't appear absolutely the long-term inflation of prices. In the meantime, he expresses, our country salary enters ascendant interval, prospective wages will rise continuously.

Li Yang points out, china's current prices rises is structural sex rises. From the point of the structure of investment and deposit, the savings ratio of our country is very high, the market always furnishs to also be more than total demand, because this is on gross,do not put in inflationary pressure. Although structural unbalance can happen in period of time, certain area, bring about structural sex prices to rise thereby, but the trend that does not have long-term inflation. He expresses at the same time, the ingredient that makes prices of sex of our country structure rise currently includes the rise of pay cost and resource price reform. He expresses, our country has entered salary ascendant cycle at present, consequently to the enterprise, pay cost is in henceforth rise of a few years is inevitable. Nevertheless, he expresses, although this meeting creates long-term pressure to prices, but our country still is put in superfluous labor currently, so pay cost rises can gentler to the influence of prices.

To the pressure that oil price rises to be brought to Chinese inflation, li Yang thinks, input inflation raised company cost, rise this with oil price nevertheless for bibcock, devalue with the dollar the global inflation that is setting has cycle certainly. Predicting oil price is in second half of the year can have first half of the year to next year this year adjust, if oil price produces changeover, the pressure that other goods rises in price also is met abate.

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