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Champion of Macao of decisive battle of world mahjong ace will acquire 500 thousand dollar (graph) ” of contest of mahjong of world of the 2nd “ is in by a definite date 21 days the ” of “ decisive battle that Macao enters the last day, before the player that comes from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan is entered 8. The graph is before contention 4 match. China News Service is sent Bi Yongguang is photographed

Macao of China News Service on September 21 report (reporter Bi Yongguang) by a definite date ” of contest of mahjong of the 2nd world is in “ of 3 days now always the final that benefit Macao hotel enters the last day.

This is the “ world that is set in Taiwan by headquarters this match that ” of agonistic management limited company establishs is held the 2nd times in Macao. The match attracts the mahjong ace that even more comes from 15 countries and area 300 times to participate in in all, outside dividing inland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, still include the player of and other places of Japan, England, United States, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Brazil.

This match is current have an effect most internationally mahjong match, competition regulation hits legal system to decide by what sponsor and other places of square referenced inland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan to differ. Every player needs capture to pay 5000 dollars to take part in the match cost, 32 players that enter final phase will divide up gold of 奬 of dollar of total value million, among them champion will acquire 500 thousand dollars.

Pass fight hard several rounds, shang Jinrong of Hong Kong player, Lin Haonan, He Guoxiong and grow of Japanese player Qing Ye enter the final of evening.

World competition manages limited company to carry out trustee to breath out heart door to express, with on year first match photograph is compared, take part in the match this year the player's area is vaster, and undertook in Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Canada 4 area qualification is surpassed very successful, indication mahjong match got more international are agreed with. Contest of next year qualification will be held in 8 areas, and the good land that the distinct advantage of Macao makes its make total finals.

Hademen says, although several high levels of company are Hesperian, but live a few years in the Asia, be familiar with Asian culture. Believe mahjong game belongs to an Asia not only, can popularize in the whole world more.

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