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  Advertisement gross is not added, advertisement of only period of time is the 3 minutes longest

Shortly of annual CCTV advertisement invite public bidding, yesterday, CCTV started the first round recommend. Xia Hongbo of head of CCTV ad department expresses, wanted to undertake to advertisement “ restores a gender to move valence ” 2009, range of the most rising price is 30% . According to reporter understanding, gross of advertisement of next year CCTV does not increase, odd paragraph grow when advertisement cannot exceed 3 minutes.

Xia Hongbo expresses, the advertisement gross of next year won't increase, but meeting “ restores a gender to move valence ” , new price will be carried out formally at rising on January 1 next year. Specific and character, the extent of growth of an advertisement price is CCTV 6% to 10% , and in other channel, top range is 30% , of course also one part did not rise. To moving the account of valence, xia Hongbo thinks, macroscopical economy, close inspect the element such as change to be able to affect advertisement price, the advertisement value of media also can change because of economic rule.

Before this, total bureau of national wide report ever published a regulation, Olympic GamesThe advertisement of channel of Olympic Games hookup broadcasts during capacity control is in 5% of gross.

Face rise in price, the enterprise did not show too large reaction. Add this world of chief inspector of much treasure market to love a star to say, ” of “ Wang Laoji gains the market by right of resource of CCTV invite public bidding the first, next year still can continue to use the resource of this respect. Xia Hongbo says, of CCTV close inspect portion to occupy countrywide TV to close 35% what inspect portion, and advertisement income occupies gross less than 1/4, carry valence to just be returned to objective horizontal on.

In addition, CCTV each channel and resource of advertisement of brand column purpose, also will be in the year invite public bidding November 18 unites an autograph to make an appointment with subscribe on the meeting this year. Among them great majority resource, do not meet with invite public bidding before link up with, however by contract the company is managed respectively, close this entirely put in conformity of CCTV ad department 's charge to run.

This advertisement adjusts CCTV in it is good to still have many interests that boost a client to buy change. If the redound of ” of theater of “ teleplay engage by special arrangement is more rich, go up in the base that preserves original redound namely, add newly enterprise element, trailer is blended in to increase “ in teleplay titles special express gratitude the mark edition of ” .

CCTV still mixes the thing to partial bid period of time of the ad that cover carry out undertakes the theme is packed, like “ " news broadcast " before advertisement ” broadcasts the form is adjusted congratulate new China establishing ’ 60 years to publicize for “30 second ‘ piece, trailer company is the same as congratulate mark edition and 4 enterprises ” of 15 seconds advertisement.
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