Dietary error: The food such as cucumber grapefruit does not have combustion adi

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Xinhua net Beijing on September 19 special telegram Spain " the number signs up for " the article that published a few days ago listed the 8 big errors about food.

   Error 1: Certain food can burn adipose. “ loses calorie of effect ” food to show itself of mastication and food of prep above of quantity of heat of digestive food flaming contains caloric food. Cucumber, celery and grapefruit are the food that optimal “ has to lose calorie of effect ” in fokelore. But the quantity of heat that uses up actually is negligible. The food of low quantity of heat, tall nutrition just conduces to truly reduce weight.

   Error 2: Eat much food less more healthy than a day of 3 eat. The food that wants an alternative only actually is healthy and quantity of heat is low, no matter what kind of food is used to,can be opposite healthy and beneficial. Should assure to accomplish control everyday quantity of heat is absorbed.

   Error 3: Fresh vegetables and fruits has nutrition more than refrigerant vegetables and fruits. Also can get nutrition from inside a few refrigerant vegetables and fruits in fact, potted vegetable is same also. But food production business connects regular meeting to be added again in very wholesome food salt, candy and adipose, because this consumer must read label carefully when buy.

   Error 4: Mark has the coffee that does not have coffeine not to contain coffeine. Consider to confirm, 8 milligram are contained to come at least in having the coffee that does not have coffeine with phyletic mark 32 milligram caffein. Although compare common coffee,contained caffein is gotten less much, but also can cause an effect to human body.

   Error 5: Margarine is more healthy than butter. Saturated fatty acid is contained in butter, overmuch edible can bring about cholesterol of “ bad ” (namely low density lipoprotein) content rises, increase thereby have heart disease risk. Because this has some of person,replace natural butter with margarine. But margarine is contained instead type is adipose, best choice is not contained turn over the plant margarine with adipose type.

   Error 6: Eat banana meeting get fat. Banana of a moderate volume contains quantity of heat of about 105 kilocalorie, one day should eat 6 ability to be able to catch up with the quantity of heat of a pizza. Banana can offer a large number of fiber, magnesium and Potassium, the help controls blood pressure. Banana or vitamin B of 6 get source, can help enhance immune system. Suggest a banana is mincing, be together its and commissariat agitate with yoghurt, the sweetmeats after cooking after cold storage.

   Error 7: Gluttonous it is the signal that body warning lacks some kind of substance. To corrupt eater, this is an excuse that provides conviction most, but the fact is not such, the scientist did a lot of research to prove its are wrong.
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