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In new network report reported a report according to Hong Kong article on September 21, " Forbes " Zhou Wu announces this year turnover list of company of 200 under 1 billion dollar optimal Asias, 3 land company occupied two sides in the center 88, first what reside each country.

The analysis shows Beijing holds an Olympic Games, be like Li Ning, Hong Xinger to restrain a group to athletic company, and the outstanding achievement of tourism has openly help.

Suffer the financial crisis effect that goes one year, contrast of many company share price went backwards considerably last year, your many partner body homes are decreased greatly. Manage for example Li of article papermaking is familial, what its hold stock value by the 3 billion dollar last year, drop to 588 million dollar. However, although the share price of the enterprise on a list of names posted up is average,dropped than last year 32% , but the performance that still compares FTSE Asia index is beautiful.

List choosing goes one year oneself turnover appears on the market below in 1 billion dollar enterprise, the turnover that goes 3 years by its and profit growth are singled out. Enterprise of a list of names posted up on 3 ground includes two sides the Alibaba with highest market prise, gain adds up to Jing Taifu real estate highestly.

Other enterprise includes domestic travel website to carry Cheng journey network (Ctrip.com) , flavour 1000 pull labour of dragon of face, China to accuse etc, taiwan also has a list of names posted up on enterprise of much home science and technology.

" Forbes " point out, the enterprise of a list of names posted up on this year is had mostly fight go against ability, because this is in economic foreground still not Anacreontic below, list of 200 big companies picks conduce investor the company that has actual strength.

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