Big wrist of international cropland altar gathers yellow riverside river bank

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Sina sports dispatch the yellow riverside river bank tonight, liu Xiang of spokesman of Shanghai city image and Yao Ming play the host fete this second attend gold of Shanghai track and field the each country athlete that large award surpasses. Include woman of child of Ye of Xin Ba of Yi of high jump empress, Beijing Olympic Games the star that Er of shellfish of bank of 200 meters of champion still has Oliver of nova of American hurdle race to wait inside is big wrist, the banquet that it is evening graces many.

Of course, because of the arrival of Liu Xiang and Yao Ming, they won't become the most dazzling tonight star absolutely. Yao Ming also knows who just is real tonight leading role it seems that, greet with everybody a few rough expectation after the foreground of new sports season, leave hurriedly. Of Liu Xiang appearing this is after cancelling contest event oneself, appear in open circumstance first. Look reach the adjustment that passed a month, liu Xiang cast off the incident that quit game already basically to bring his influence, the smile of fascia type returned his face to go up again.

The condition of an injury when him refer and when restoring a situation, liu Xiang states he had restored 70%-80% probably, but reappear formally even when after the condition of an injury recovers completely. Elder writings brush abdicate also conveyed the blessing to Liu Xiang about, sent word what oneself write down with one's own hands to send Liu Xiang as the gift, hope Liu Xiang can reply the condition previously.

After red carpet ceremony ends, sun Haiping's coach accepted the special report of media. To Liu Xiang's the condition of an injury, sun Jiao practice states Liu Xiang restores good, specific how to restore need when Beijing, american expert just can make a decision after collective appraisal. Just want to renew possibility completely already not quite. Nevertheless Sun Haiping's coach expresses at the same time, want Liu Xiang to be able to restore only 9 into above, still actual strength and opportunity break world record before London Olympic Games.

It is reported, liu Xiang after this will fly to Beijing to do an expert to diagnose tegether, go to the United States accepting an inspection next. If decide finally to take conservative therapy, so Liu Xiang will restore basically at the end of the year probably, may begin in next year to compare June play the game more. May begin in next year to compare June play the game more..

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