Liu Xiang goes to the United States to treat expert of Yao Ming pull wires

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Lvriming of our newspaper reporter will go to the United States having treatment October, next initial tentative plan reappeared June at next year. This isSun HaipingIt is the life that Liu Xiang plans next. Asked about him yesterday, there is hearsay to say Liu Xiang wants to be on London Olympic Games on the net record-breaking, sun Haiping expressed yesterday: The base that “ wants Liu Xiang only is good, record-breaking may not when 2012, can defeat before the likelihood. ”

Everything of all these, show Sun Haiping and Liu Xiang to still be worn in effort, they had not abandoned from beginning to end. After Beijing Olympic Games ends, liu Xiang faded out of the line of sight of people, sun Haiping also appears rarely. Nevertheless, disclose according to insider, the Olympic Games ended, although Liu Xiang is compared finally than be being done not have repeatedly, let Laosun tear asperse a press conference, but later his pressure at a draught small, ferial li of his word is much also rise.

Yesterday, sun Haiping tells a reporter, liu Xiang restores well now, “ restores a circumstance to look from what Liu Xiang foot hurts, restore probably 78 became, be restore a situation first-rate. Of course, the opinion of medical expert must want to listen, but because of him this place has sufferred an injury after all, say to want to restore completely to resemble so previously in that way, may have bit of difficulty. Nevertheless, from henceforth Liu Xiang's training looks, he is sure the meeting is better. ”

Current, liu Xiang restores actively in Shen village while, he still is continueing to prepare to train. Sun Haiping disclosed yesterday, with respect to the training course that takes a Zhou Er, the member that Liu Xiang sees team is drilling hurdle race, he is very excited also, say to want to be crossed. “ does not pass, when he also knows now is not personal feeling act later, after everything still waits for injury recover from an illness, say again. ”

Yesterday, sun Haiping says, he is probable will head for the United States together October with Liu Xiang, have further treatment to its foot ministry, all specific arrangement return “ now bad to say, nevertheless, what can disclose is the expert that finds this in the United States beYao MingHelp of the introduction. ”

At present, apprentice of Sun Haiping division has hope very to injury, they also can reappear June next year certainly further. “ all these is initial tentative plan, we hope next year Liu Xiang can return this big family in, we also are this one day and preparing ……” hard

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