Beijing ferry enlightens with city effect enterprise alone

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Beijing ferry enlightens with city effect enterprise alone line of light course Yi Zhuang will begin construction

The line of Yi Zhuang light rail that brews a long time began construction formally on September 21, predict to will try operation on April 21, 2012. Concerned expert says Yi Zhuang light course lets Beijing realize be well versed in of orbit of north and south not only, more of network of transportation of ferry is in Beijing build on the sense is great. Be in the Yi Zhuang of center of Beijing ferry gold all the time, also will greet as economic headquarters base new upsurge of round international business affairs, inside area alone II of highway of enterprise of international of office project BDA wait for those who got last to chase after hold in both hands.

After the Olympic Games, beijing plans appoint already carried out in the round start suitable justice, connect city, Yi Zhuang 3 keys new city (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) construction. The railroad of border of Beijing ferry city that enables formally already on August 1 and the line of light course Yi Zhuang that are about to begin construction, broke the distance on Beijing ferry space, more hand in in what Jing Jinping stage achieved on economic progress collect share, effect of Yi Zhuang headquarters also warms up once more subsequently.

According to industry of Yi Zhuang's newest “ international high end new city ” plans, new city of prospective Yi Zhuang is the center of industry of new and high technology that radiation drives corridor of Beijing ferry town not only, still serve farther perfect society function and public service facilities. Forecast an analysis according to passenger flow, after Yi Zhuang light trajectory is enlightened, top person discharge can amount to 350 thousand person-time / day, as more and large company office orgnaization is garrisoned Yi Zhuang, here will attract large quantities of population move, make the focal region after Beijing ferry is the same as a city.

Be located in the development of Beijing economy technology of core of Yi Zhuang new city, the 500 strong headquarters of world after becoming afterwards CBD already collect base, beijing's new economy point of growth. Meanwhile, the project of business affairs office inside Yi Zhuang area goes hot sadly. Be a delegate with II of highway of BDA international enterprise alone project of business affairs office, be in building city low below confused condition, appear unexpectedly the phenomenon that demand exceeds supply. It is reported, have 3M into the enterprise that is stationed in this project, endowment group of gold of dress of unripe hall, white-collar, China, well-known company also is about to garrison etc of industry of drug of colleague hall health.

Be aimed at this phenomenon, the expert inside course of study expresses, ” of advantage of “ double zoology is to attract domestic and international well-known company to enter attraction main reason. The taxation privilege policy of “ government and efficient one-stop service, make this area has environment of perfect industrial modes of life and relation to their environment; On the other hand, the environmental protection installation that low density, tall afforest leads inside area and be stationed in the environmental protection index with exceeding and rigid business to entering, also make new city had high grade natural zoology environment. ” regards Yi Zhuang as new city first handle official bussiness to high-grade business affairs by workshop office the project of surveyor's pole business affairs of transition, II of highway of BDA international enterprise relies on ” of dominant position of binate state of new city “ , and still satisfied each big company is close to independent character, illicit a lot of demand of the gender, no less than this project controller place character: “ reachs the increase of the enterprise clearly as what new city locates, real estate of Yi Zhuang's accumulative already high-end business affairs buys latent capacity stronger also; From the product character, intelligence enterprise more accept those who have natural advantage easily alone office building, afore-mentioned benefit are very alone the biggest safeguard that the project accepts favour fully. ”
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