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2008 Beijing Olympic Games ends already satisfactorily, but the urban value promotion that the Olympic Games brings Beijing just begins to release however, new city downtown is being multiplied situation rise abruptly. The “ that be called on the west abstruse board piece the area of Yue Gezhuang of 5 loose —— of ” is western Olympic Games place focuses distributinging section, house of Olympic Games basketball still will become the competition ground of American NBA basketball of Asian area, 5 loose area become the heat area that the whole world pays close attention to because of this hopeful. And as on the west abstruse board piece go quickly hot, market of the office building inside area begins to the limit of one's capacity, alleviate the demand of market of area office building.

● region economy urges requirement of hot office building

Expert analysis, on the west abstruse board piece from the point of area angle, its expand the development of the development that the core of latent capacity is urban function and industry. Current, on the west abstruse board piece heartland —— loosens 5 times area, assemble group of industry of Chinese spaceflight family 2 courtyards inside of industry of numerous spaceflight science and technology enterprise or business the numerous Beijing top class medical establishment such as unit, 301 hospitals, air force total hospital, armed police total hospital, Beijing is built appoint, south car group also just inside center of science of technology of settle China biology. In the meantime, MALL of 5 loose Hua Xi Chang'an be about to practice, at the appointed time the be stationed of domestic and international businessman such as hall of cinema of Pacific Ocean general merchandise, fine standing grain, colleague hereat, the establishment of important form a complete set such as the international hotel that plans plus periphery of Olympic Games ball park, bank, post office is about to perfect, a new trade group and city downtown will be formed in 5 loose area.

On the west abstruse board piece of establishment of the municipal construction that brings as a result of the Olympic Games, form a complete set improve energetically, the development foreground of area is valued generally by industry. The business affairs atmosphere inside area and economic progress show synchronous ascendant trend, with this demand also is in corresponding high-end office building to increase by degrees continuously. As we have learned, office building of this area high end is in all the time rare be short of condition, furnishing especially the respect is short-term inside cannot catch up with demand rhythm. Current, the high-end office building of 5 loose place on the west first degrees of to the limit of one's capacity of Chang'an center, will alleviate effectively on the west abstruse the problem of unbalance of supply and demand with office building increasingly serious market.
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