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Building city chill gradually thick, the state of mind that the policy that help city appeals inside course of study is more and more pressing also. Vice-chairman of seminar of Chinese residence estate, housing and vice director of committee of experts of policy of housing of ministry of urban and rural construction consider Yun Chang, the market of estate of “ whole nation that held in Shanghai on September 19 expresses on forum of situation and ” of company the way to deal with a situation, building city glides now trend “ is very serious ” , “ should be essential urgent when taking move ” . He suggests, relevant section should “ reconsiders ” of 2 flatlet policy. (" Oriental morning paper " on September 22)

Face the house price that drops quickly and the building city that drop in temperature with each passing day, the cry that a few experts ask governmental “ saves city ” rises gradually, the government also does not save ” and “ in “ wander between ” . Really, the real estate that regards the pillar of Chinese economy as one of industries, not only estate business won't await one's doom, the government also won't look at it helplessly to break down with a loud crash collapse. But, help city, should depend on when it whether had building city of China arrived is the most dangerous whether had building city of China arrived, depend on whether does house price fall under cost when, is not to depend on the apiration of estate business.

Regard vice-chairman of seminar of Chinese residence estate, housing and urban and rural construction as the Gu Yunchang of vice director of committee of experts of ministry housing policy, its identity is very complex, collect “ official, business, learn ” at an organic whole, can say he is an expert, also can say he is the delegate of estate business, in the meantime, have the official's capacity again. Stations of such a heavyweight character come out to talk, the appeal is urgent to present building city “ adopt act ” to have its reason oneself. Can considering what often give out to save city prescription is “ reconsiders ” of 2 flatlet policy however, have to let a person be surprised.

The author thinks, this one “ of official of expert of the prosperous that consider the cloud helps city ” strategy, have the ill will of drink poison to quench thirst-seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences. Although unlock “ price of house of possible drive up of ” of 2 flatlet policy, also meet however the resurgence that encourage fries a room, instead more the health that goes against building city develops, do not have benefit actually at helping city.

Can can afford the 2nd flatlet, not be estate of firewood of average worker worker likely. Accordingly, “ reconsiders ” of 2 flatlet policy just be wealthy person reinvest to offer advantage and opportunity. And wealthy person is not fool, they won't throw their money into water in vain, they choose to buy “ 2 rooms ” , must profitable. And want to be in building city profitable, only low purchases high price to sell piece, come so, house price can appear again soare, and the real estate after soaring defeats foam eventually will undone, building city still can is immersed in malign go up dropping loop.
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