City of office building building depreciates rip go cloak veil

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City of office building building depreciates rip go to cloak veil Beijing area becomes last stronghold
This year 11 ” of “ during the golden week, activity of similar sales promotion of carry out room sees everywhere. IC picture

The analysis points out, enter “ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” , to accelerate capital have enough to meet need, development business may be lifted more large-scale “ depreciates wind of sales promotion ” , and this kind depreciates behavior can be cast more however before paragraph the block cloak attack by surprise of time.

House price from south to boreal underground defeat, but the evidence that the price of house of region of annulus Bohai Sea that heads with Beijing still did not fall apparently. Beijing, or the last stronghold that becomes epicycle house price to drop.

Development business depreciates no longer cloak

The building of countrywide limits sells an area to drop, already became unquestionable fact. 4 last 2008 months, be called especially “ Jin Jiuyin of 10 ” 9, the central point that will make attention October, development business also sales promotion method from original dark fall, change is bright fall.

The place in occupying produces statistic, before 2008 7 months, approval of house of 4 big cities opens to booking an area to occupy specific gravity exceeded 50% 2007. But, residential demand is apparently abate, residential approval opens to booking an area to be only 2007 36.69% of annual.

From south will look to north, up to now, bead accumulative total of value of project of part of trigonometry skill house falls already exceeded 50% . Dragon of golden ground plum is pressed down from 18000 yuan / square metre falls reach 9000 yuan / square metre, dragon city international, medium the project such as Hai Kangcheng also has similar fall.

Since nearly a few months, grow the city such as three-cornered Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, building dish depreciate area also has the tendency that spreads to the city zone by the suburb. In May 2008, shanghai Pudong 3 forest aureate elegant build depreciate 4000 yuan / square metre, min Hang Jiuting board piece many buildings dish also enter town with low in succession. In August of core less than in far two bays city with 13844 yuan / the price of square metre is rolled out, drop than fastigium 7200 yuan / square metre, although be end only dish, but of extent also be scarce greatly. In August 10 thousand divisions more with 8 buildings dish depreciate at the same time sales promotion drives a sale.

Beijing area becomes last stronghold

According to Central Plains landed statistical data shows, area of annulus Bohai Sea suffers this to adjust the time that affect later, the market is entered wait-and-see period time is shorter, development business has not begin to take the sales promotion step that depreciates considerably.
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