Beijing orbit traffic plans to come on stage

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● orbit traffic extends business affairs communication to widen

The traffic of a city arranged free degree to reflect the pace of urban culture, and the traffic situation of an office building is concerning to enter the efficiency that is stationed in an enterprise and development speed, because of traffic convenient representing time cost, mean efficiency, in the element of company optional location, traffic streamline more and more have more important weight. And the fortune as a result of a city, capital, talent is to present the characteristic that from central area outward radiate flows more, while orbit traffic dilate is promoting area of suburb second center to form, return at the same time more make urban center division further highlighted strong competitive actual strength. Specific the business affairs radiant emitance that reachs Beijing office building, it is from CBD, east the powerful force of 2 annulus and financial block to recurrence of circumjacent link line. And the expert predicts, after the Olympic Games passes, become silent during the Olympic Games induct a quantity to be able to erupt centrally, drive office building to trade thereby of the market active. Be based on the demand with market driving backside to prop up, the hardware environment that the Beijing after the Olympic Games gives priority to with traffic is improved, rise what promote office building hire, price secondhand, in the meantime, as the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of hotel, high grade commerce, also be a huge support to office building market.

Be located in Na Xiangyan of Chang'an Street, Xidan grows on-line on the west center of round-the-world money message is good to traffic benefit experience particularly apparent. Center of round-the-world money message borders financial market, still be located in the subway at the same time of 2 lines and 4 lines that will open in September 2009 fall the point of the meeting. And mouth of 4 lines station is set inside office building, it is to make more the subway the line of orbit traffic main force of this one perforative north and south in network of transportation of road of Beijing of 4 line —— direct radiate went to the vigor area of financial block region, Xidan south to Ma Jiabao road, north is amounted to on the west.

Advantage of office building of area of center of aggrandizement of maturity of ● circumjacent form a complete set

Introduce according to controller of center of round-the-world money message, establishment of form a complete set of periphery of edifice of office building of center of round-the-world money message is mature, what office building of urban center area molopolizes this one advantage. Because tighten,be next to Chang'an Street, past north can amount to Xidan, edifice of Xidan culture square, books and recently the life that working crowd provided the exultation city of practice office building that is this one area to abound, shop, recreational space; And edifice to the place of financial market core that edifice of Chinese people bank, ocean collected to wait a moment namely on the west, can amount to the well-known mark sex building such as national great theater, Tian An Men along Chang'an Street eastwards. Controller of center of round-the-world money message expresses, all ready of circumjacent form a complete set also at the same time aggrandizement the potential value of office building of urban center area, make of project future appreciate space more highlight.
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