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On September 15, chinese people bank reduces loan suddenly standard interest rate. This is close will 6 years borrow money of interest rate reduce first, or mean lower interest the passageway has been opened, subsequently again a series of policy that help city come on stage. Face new market situation, train of thought of conduct financial transactions must be made adjust.

Lower interest once cycle is started, credit kind, bill kind the yield of the product will glide. From lower interest to begin the following day, beijing bank ended product of 16 credit conduct financial transactions ahead of schedule. Double rate is reduced and the profit that help city is good come on stage, bond, stock product suffers market heat to hold in both hands again. The personage inside course of study suggests, did not end in global banking crisis today, assuring cash shedding still is the first important or urgent business, product of conduct financial transactions still answer with short-term and advisable.

   Fixed interest room is borrowed be faced with concussion

The interest rate that announces from the Central Bank looks, the loan interest rate of 6 months from 6.57% drop to 6.21% , reduce 0.36% ; A year period loan interest rate from 7.47% fall to 7.20% ; The interest rate that reachs 3 years from 7.56% fall to 7.29% ; The 3 interest rate that reach 5 years criterion from 7.74% fall to 7.56% ; The loan interest rate of 5 years of above from 7.83% to 7.74% .

Of loan interest rate reduce, lead defray to decrease besides the fee that lets consume loan or the short term loan such as the loan that help industry, bigger to be being affected at present house borrows breed and character, the influence also nots allow small gaze.

“ lives oneself to much model the room borrows a client for, decrease cease to offer an influence to its month lesser, but borrow breed to a few specific rooms for, the psychological effect that its cause will be bigger. ” some bank borrow sectional chief to think, fried fixed interest room is heated up to borrow for a time before this, in enter lower interest after the passageway, will be faced with quite big impact.

As a result of before the existence on the market is added breath anticipate, make numerous usurer right the month that still lends need every months to raise pay at after this offers cherish uneasiness, room of fixed interest rate borrows one of products that also make numerous bank emphasis recommend accordingly. But this the Central Bank lowers loan interest rate, make undoubtedly before this add breath anticipate reduce greatly, the appeal that room of fixed interest rate lends also drops accordingly many.

The reporter understands, fixed interest room is borrowed is a product that provides quality of rich play chess quite originally, its advantage depends on can locking up risk of calm interest rate, but because the interest rate of this kinds of product wants tower above tradition,the room lends interest rate a lot of, the enthusiasm that the market before this borrows to fixed interest room this not tall.
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