City of Beijing office building building is in " depreciate " with " to the limi

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City of Beijing office building building is in " depreciate " with " to the limit of one's capacity " search a balance

In experience August exceeding low after confusing, beijing estate market greeted the “ Jin Jiuyin in expecting 10 ” . Most development business chooses to be in 9, centered open quotation October, implementation sells ” of “ to the limit of one's capacity; And hold money to wait for the person that buy to hope house price appears to drop apparently inside this paragraph of period, await opportunity skill. Current, beijing building city is depreciating in this kind of “ of ” and ” of “ to the limit of one's capacity new balance is searched in anticipating.

The expert inside course of study points out, depreciate as a result of what the house price that shake did not reach the person that buy a house anticipate, accordingly, september Beijing estate market as before low fan. They predict, on current price level, the sale of 10 ” will see capital “ Jin Jiuyin hard improvement, and the abidance of the market is low confuse or will brew more apparent “ depreciating actuation ” .

A few buildings that visit from the reporter dish in light of, selling office mostly relatively cold and cheerless, can have one sometimes the home takes move door graph a few times to consider, enquire repeatedly to the salesperson, hesitant.

Be in the 10 thousand divisions of ” of where the wind and the waves are highest of price war “ of late, the condition that is in Beijing is a bit tepid and. Be located in on the west violet center of the grain in the 10 thousand divisions of 4 annulus, roll out price of a batch of in-house subscribe recently every semifinished product that smooth rice controls 12500 yuan 3 house, lump-sum payment 9.7 fold, mortgage 9.8 fold, the scenery of holiday of 10 thousand divisions of same position basically is price every smooth rice 15000-16000 yuan clothbound 3 house. Park of 10 thousand divisions predicts another project 5 numbers October open quotation of the middle ten days of a month, this building dish be located in near sunny park, all every average price rice is controlled 29000 yuan, include the clothbound of 6000 yuan of standards to repair among them. The subscribe before the salesperson says to be carried at present offers 30 thousand yuan of privilege, the affirmation before open quotation still has other and favourable measure. The personage inside Ceng Youye was forecasted a few days ago, after the Mid-autumn Festival passes, 10 thousand divisions are probable depreciate patulous area of Tang De of ferry going to Beijing, depreciate will give priority to with Beijing. To this, group of 10 thousand families did not make specific response.

According to the data statistic of net of Beijing estate buying operation, came 20 days on September 1, the capital clinchs a deal period room house 3467, clinch a deal area 329 thousand smooth rice; The corresponding period, clinch a deal residence showing a house 1100, clinch a deal the area is 164 thousand smooth rice. With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, a cycle of songs in a traditional opera of period room house that clinch a deal dropped 50.9% , clinch a deal the area dropped 63.6% , a cycle of songs in a traditional opera showing a house that clinch a deal dropped 20.6% , clinch a deal the area dropped 30.5% , clinch a deal each numerical value all appeared apparent fall after a rise.
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