"Lei Man storm " hind look again second borrow the crisis

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About the same a year ago, when the United States second when borrowing the crisis to just begin to pound Euramerican money market, economist of a few wests is its appearance “ nightmare ” . This word lets people very easily associate, nightmare can be the morning with a beautiful sunshine afterwards. But this morning did not come tardy, and nightmare had turned the fierce wind that sweeps across the whole world into evil billow. The application of company of Lei Man's brother goes bankrupt, second borrow mad tide to be pushed again tall.

Right second borrow what the crisis affects to underestimate make clear, to global economic system the assurance of the current situation ought to note two problems at least: It is to be below the big setting of economic globalization firstly, meeting generation compares the careless omission that certain state administers before more serious consequence; It is the propulsion of economic globalization secondly, probable meeting is inside quite long period, still must depend on the financial system that is dominant with the United States, the issue that this unbalance place of individual department brings also is met accordingly long-standing.

To the first problem, the unbalance that can use processing will generalize. Before, what western scholar more pays close attention to is the governmental processing of the developing country, especially the processing of a few poor countries. Look in them, it seems that system of world classics trade, banking and the global development unbalance that bring miserably continuously, on quite old rate, cause because of the processing not do one's best of these countries. But, second borrow the crisis to make clear, developed country, resemble the United States especially such global economy engine also is existing to administer a problem badly.

Just analyse like place of economist of a few wests in that way, second borrowing the crisis is a government actually the monetary policy of excessive dilate and superintend lax child. It is under this kind of policy, all sorts of credit wantonly outspread, buy credit at disregarding. It is in build give a kind of visional wonderful perspective while, also stimulating greedy with agreeable desire. This makes clear again, what only pattern renovates ceaselessly on money market is congenial, and won't have absolutely and complete government.

Of course, with respect to governmental processing character, the task that each country faces is different, assumed responsibility is different also, the consequence that cause is more different. From in recent years the circumstance looks, the developing country gives crisis of cash be in harmony, influence degree is quite finite, and once because the United States administers lax occurrence problem, even if is specific big company or big bank close down, inevitable also meeting causes chain effect, the hands or feet because of them already extend arrives the whole world a lot of corners. From this and the psychological impact that cause often is met more serious, caused finance is queasy more acuteness also, final evolution becomes the obstacle on road of developing country advancement. Accordingly, the problem that should not underestimate the United States to exist on processing level reachs the negative effect that its develop to global economy.
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