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The data that national statistic bureau published a few days ago shows, up to in August end, area of empty place of countrywide commodity house 65.55 million square metre, grow 8.7% compared to the same period, ” of index of boom of “ country house falls that month to nearly 10 months new low.

The personage inside course of study thinks, general hasten tightens capital of current estate company, short-term inside the sign that cannot see the industry adjusts an end, the likelihood inside year will increase a few businesses annex buys strength, stimulative industry is integrated.

   General hasten tightens capital catenary

“ although Chinese real estate develops a trend for a long time to value, but OK and affirmative, future will farther atrophy mixes market of period of time to be adjusted downward. Liu Hongyu of director of institute of estate of ” Tsinghua university (guest of Liu Hongyu rich, liu Hongyu news, liu Hongyu says) make clear on the ” of news briefing of achievement of value of brand of “2008 China estate that ends yesterday express.

National hair changes appoint data shows, house price rises tend gradually fall after a rise. August the whole nation 70 big in urban house price rises compared to the same period 5.3% , go up fall to nearly 18 months new low.

In addition, beijing Normal University and a report that the net issued focal estate jointly recently think, second half of the year, farther hasten tightens catenary of capital of industry of our country ground. Predict the difference of expenses of fund of annual real estate and income will achieve 673 billion yuan this year. Industry of next year real-estate has deepness is adjusted and brief adjust two kinds likelihood, if encounter deepness is adjusted, financing gap will achieve 929 billion yuan. Although brief adjust, financing gap also will achieve 492.5 billion yuan.

Investment of Xiamen Xin Jingxiang accuses a Qin Gang of limited company president (guest of Qin Gang rich, qin Gang news, qin Gang says) think, epicycle estate is adjusted and macroscopical economy cycle adjusts photograph jackknife, come round to see adjusted consequence from eye very big. With adjust a few times before different, this second adjust pair of person that buy a house to anticipate cause serious effect, it is very difficult to want to restore the confidence previously later even.

   Industry conformity or aggravate

Kong Qingping of chairman of bureau of trustee of limited company of Chinese abroad development thinks, the market situation this year will drive real estate conformity. What landed 2004 macroscopical adjusting control pulled open conformity is prelusive, after experiencing a few years of time, “ wolf came to the likelihood really this year ” .

Kong Qingping thinks, the industry of estate market is spent centrally very low, the company with the biggest dimensions also can occupy the 2%-3% of countrywide total production value only, and the market share that the bibcock enterprise of many other industries often can hold 20% above. And estate is managed appear apparent regional, although a few landed enterprises realized the whole nation to change,enclothe, but it is the project with city of 3 two keys in fact to prop up. This kind of phenomenon will get the change of certain level in future, main and integrated means includes annex to weigh group and affiliation.
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