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The information that near future media discloses price of partial region house to drop ceaselessly, and central branch near future announces report of audit of budgetary executive situation showed 2007, 5.841 billion yuan of loan are violated compasses fry fry a building, these news made the banking on Shanghai general strengthen the examine and verify that borrows to the room.

The room borrows loan around to examine and approve fathered

According to Shanghai triumphant play chess invests Zhao Wei of advisory management limited company to divulge, investigate in the center of violate compasses capital, although still do not have each influential Shanghai bank this year put shift policy, but each bank is more strict to examine and approve and superintending a system of the later period before loan. Zhao Wei expresses, the examination that because partial bank is right last year,borrows money the system is lax, the relevant data that the requirement provides is not rigorous also (be like: Business contract, decorate a contract to wait to need to offer Xerox to wait only) , create a lot of fund flow direction and declare utility to not agree with. Current, each bank is strict to examining and approve a system each of loan around a lot of. If the capital that the client borrows money to the bank is used at buying to room head pays or pay end the money, must issue contract of house property business to reach trade the center is relevant the original of material, offer landlord account at the same time, after bank examine and verify is borrowed through putting, will turn debt into the account of landlord directly, can assure the flow direction of capital so. Be opposite the management of the capital after borrowing and monitoring respect, past bank does not make specific investigation to putting the capital whereaboutldirection after borrowing, cause capital of ” of problem of a lot of “ to flow to the stock market and investment market thereby. Now, the bank can is opposite regularly the capital after borrowing undertakes administrative reaching supervisory, if discover the flow direction of capital and not agree with actually, will investigate to violating compasses capital to will undertake reclaiming reaching.

The bank pushs assorted product to answer the crisis

Zhao Wei discloses, public figure of a lot of banks has reached consensus, think current estate market meets those who have certain period last low fan, this year 9, appear very hard October inflection point, and so called inflection point awaits period may longer, can arrive even 2009 quarter of just a little. Accordingly, on Shanghai many bank is borrowed in strict room examine and approve while, what the development that exploring new product actively will should borrow the market to the room is low fan.

Zhao Wei is analysed, economy of a few years looked once upon a time, the stock market and building are having direct openly correlation between city, occurrence stock market and room city rise together or the stock market rises, the appearance that uses after building city is relatively frequent. Building city stock market drops together nowadays, deficiency of capital of folk of the idle fund outside creating a lot of situations, churchyard is in the stock market, the long-term fixed assets in adding a country to stop to control inflation invests put borrow, make room town is entered without redundant circulating fund on the market. And the stock market arrives from last year now point to dropped 60% above, more and more owner him undersell property is covered now, solve problem of capital of battalion of already of look forward to, individual, this is formed secondhand the room hangs out this shingle the phenomenon that measures increase sharply. Investor fund is in short supply, estate invests value to go low, after living to the guest buys room apiration to drop or be delayed, those who create market of business of eye anteroom real estate is low fan. Below this kind of circumstance, the income that the bank rolls out is fixed and protect this model the first selection that product of conduct financial transactions and bank time deposit make a lot of investor.
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