It is difficult that two rates reduce of short duration rescue building city

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Local government saves afterwards after the act yield results of building city is very small, on September 16, the Central Bank reduces “ the message of two rate ” is unscrambled to be monetary policy to appear again the signal that become loose, be considered as good to the “ benefit of estate ” .

To this, chen Guojiang of director of institute of Beijing University estate expresses when accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, the Central Bank reduces “ two rate ” , real estate board piece it is the person that be benefited directly, but the outstanding issue that policy comes on stage basically is the existence in solving current economy to move, its purpose is absent save estate market.

“ interest rate adjusts pair of banks it is interest empty news, the gain space of cut bank, the aggravate of sub debt disturbance of together with United States, company of American Lei Man's brother closes down, make domestic bank occurrence undersell pressure. Although closely related banking and real estate, but whether can affect building city still remains to observe. ” Chen Guojiang points out.

Also the market analyses a personage to think, two rate ” reduces “ to estate market, have the effect that help city, anticipate to the market especially having redeem action puissantly. Center of research and development of market of ” of real estate of “ catenary home thinks, borrow money before interest rate moves in adding breath cycle all the time, hit the confidence buying a house of partial crowd from tight policy. And reduce this, for the house property market of large to dropping in temperature half an year, it is a benefit that restores to consume confidence nice element.

I love Beijing company of broker of my home estate deputy total Hu Jinghui thinks, lower interest conduce to the wait-and-see mood after eliminating an Olympic Games.

“ is current and secondhand 95 % above is the person buy a house on room market to live oneself model the person that buy a house, the person that there are nearly 70 % among them needs loan support to buy a house. Accordingly, lowering interest this is right live oneself model the one large support of the person that buy a house. He says ” .

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