Green city China steps on thunder

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City gate be on fire, disaster reachs Chi Yu. The bank of the 4th large investment, Lei Man's brother that having 158 years of histories announces the United States 15 days application goes bankrupt protection, this makes experience of stock market of great change of abruptly of domain of wall street finance, new York panicky not only sexual undersell, and its are negative the land agent that the influence is spreading to China.

Shou Bai year be inside room green city China controls a limited company (03900.HK, “ calls ” of green city China below) standing vice-chairman holds a CEO concurrently, also be the trustee of green city China at the same time. Yesterday morning, he is being accepted " daily of the first finance and economics " the calm when the phone is interviewed bear, lei Man's brother (Lehman   Inc of Brothers   Holdings   ) really China of hold green city is certain proportional share.

" daily of the first finance and economics " through inquiry " green city China is announced up to the outstanding achievement of 6 months metaphase that stopped on June 30, 2008 " discovery, in the share rights and interests of main shareholder, song Weiping (guest of Song Weiping rich, songwei averages news, song Weiping says) , Shou Bai year, Xia Yibo of Mrs Song Weiping ranks front row; AG of   of Limited of   of Delta   House, Profitwise   Limited, UBS (lucky silver-colored group) after close therewith. It is Inc” of Holdings   of “Lehman   Brothers   moreover. This file shows, the common stock amount of China of green city of hold of Lei Man's brother is respectively 114, 118, 242 (L) , 38, 462, 275 (S) , occupy percentage of equity of green city China to be 7.44% with 2.51% . (L) alphabetical delegate good storehouse, (S) the letter represents weak storehouse.

Because Lin Jintang of CFO of green city China is answering the plane of Hong Kong to go up, our newspaper cannot get in touch with him. The Zhang Jingxian of manager of department of concern of investor of green city China that is in Hong Kong personally told in the phone yesterday afternoon " daily of the first finance and economics " , the main area of green city China did not change. At present company side still is not clear about stock of China of green city of hold of Lei Man's brother because of,move and what course to follow of afore-mentioned future of rights and interests. Green city China is announced 2008 after metaphase outstanding achievement up to now, lei Man's brother holds a scale to had dropped.

According to data of Hong Kong exchange, at present rights and interests of China of hold green city is Lei Man's brother 6.65% .

So, whether does Lei Man's brother go bankrupt to meet does disaster reach green city China? Shou Bai year the query that steps on thunder ” to “ of green city China did not do the front to reply, he explains, lei Man's brother applies for to go bankrupt the accident is abrupt, its are right the material effect of green city China still cannot appraise is measured. The investment of Lei Man's brother passes different branch to undertake, main component is two kinds: It is own reserves investment, 2 it is acting client investment. What still not be clear about share of hold green city at present is the own reserves of Lei Man's brother, still be investment of acting client of Lei Man's brother. Be engaged in the orgnaization of business of negotiable securities manager as, the client on the market can entrust investment to Lei Man's brother, by Lei Man brotherly account declares hold, mirror finally in the partner share rights and interests of green city China.
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