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The argumentative big PK of house price discretion, several years. Interesting is, the “ weight of both sides of ” of balance of argumentative both sides, “ forms ” very barpque: The one party number that calls “ much ” is not much, once put acoustical criterion activity,become not small, sing magnanimity of declining one party number, also only huge person phonates together ability reluctance is touched so that stay in another.

We press media for the moment make a way, former say “ room bully ” , and latter says ” of “ Fang Nu.

Towering like a mountain peak does not calculate Meng Xiaosu and Pan stone on “ room bully ” , I do not want to say, also say bad, have public opinion oneself. The Meng He of old of group of the room in serving as a state-owend enterprise regards civilian look forward to as SOHO (” of China of full name “SOHO, I am not willing to call this really very the full name of bully gas) the Pan of the old, was made an appointment with scarcely recently and jump out to save city ” for estate “ together. And former, in the eloquent in the what speech of estate, gist is “ what price can fall to only house price falls not to get ” , interrogatory “ we from this year the beginning of the year begins, it is snow calamity, it is shake calamity, it is flood, still have a man-made disaster, we cause disaster of a building artificially even? ” concern of nation of a pair of care the manner of price of concern of civilian care room. Pan, criterion in August bottom resolutely definitely alleges: Rose to carry valence to sell room —— this in the round in September, calculate the “ that must going up is ” of calamity of room of check of a “ with great quantity ” , just, pan is on relevant news briefing and have no concern of He You nation of price of concern of civilian care room express, he is Kan Kan summed up “SOHO China to be able to be faced leisurely current the ” of experience of a few “ of ” of crisis of this estate market and “ miracle ” .

Meng Xiaosu people be afraid of have ” of “ building calamity, either a day. Very good. Does China have ” of “ building calamity? In Meng Yan, return now. Want not to depreciate only, with respect to the world peace and tranquility, “ room issues ” peace and tranquility. In fact, these year, estate business people stopping is ” of peace and tranquility of the world peace and tranquility, the ” below ““ room, they actually already ground of peace and tranquility catchs the time of the emperor! 珅 of past compose a quarrel, Shen Moshan is rich but enemy state, rank a few estate business before leaning now, which not be this how much Jiangnaduo is little of the name. Why does money come oneself? Money comes from the room. Why does money come oneself? Is cash swelled greatly from house price come? Still have, it is best-know earn from inside hand of a few local government come. Be in a few places, the government is mixed already estate business sing the same tune, ” of “ land finance already notorious, passerby all cicada ……
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