Price of house of town of a gleam of foundation of the sound in year

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Flower couplet report shows, 2008 will be the aggrandizement that Chinese estate system changes is fulfilled year, the government will advance urban cheap to hire the construction of room of housing, price fixing further this year, continue to implement “90/70” policy, increase land to be supplied effectively, continue to use from tight monetary policy. The report still shows, large family house property retains the estate such as duty or property tax retains the taxation of link, transformed probably by “ idling ” 2008 for pilot collect, invest demand with controlling estate further, increase available supply.

The report predicts rate and interest rate still had deposit reserve to go up certainly 2008 air space, flower couplet international is praedial chief economist Guo Jianbo thinks, meet those who two arrive 3 times add at least this year breath, “ of the person that he suggests to fry a room as soon as possible finish had better ” .

The report says Shenzhen house price lacked the power that rises considerably apparently 2008, inside Shanghaiguan all valence comes the callback 15 thousand yuan / square metre left and right sides, outside Shanghaiguan all valence reachs the callback 10 thousand yuan of every square metre are the following.

Price fall range won't be too big


Chummage of travel put together serves Wu Jian of director of assistant of Hua Na area curtilage basic to this approve of: “4, all through the ages was sale busy season May, development business affirmation can develop activity of a lot of sales promotion. But according to at present the market looks, price bottom is preliminary already show, because this is in of price respect adjust too won't big. ”

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