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2007, the land of land home mouth is approved hire income to exceed house property sales revenue to make the contributive business with business the mainest income afresh. The net interest rate of the company was 2007 42.0% , achieve 7 years to come new tall; Net assets yield is 10.0% , achieve 4 years to come new tall.

After transition of strategy of land home mouth, much commercial property begins to build, afterwards 2007 after the commercial property complete of 104 thousand square metre, came to will greet fastigium of commercial property complete 2009 2008, predict to was mixed 2008 there will be 214 thousand square metre and the commercial property complete of 245 thousand square metre respectively 2009. In the meantime, land home mouth still has ten projects to be in early days to plot a course in, floor area is made an appointment with 1.62 million smooth rice. The company is transforming to the company of commercial real estate that is a characteristic with property of extended hold commerce stage by stage. A large number of high grade and rental property will be mixed 2008 2009 complete, hire income will rise considerably.

   Capital sheds abundant finance affairs not to have care

Annals shows, land home mouth realized business income 2007 2.05 billion yuan, decrease compared to the same period 28.5% , implementation profit total 880 million yuan, decrease compared to the same period 35.0% . Its are main the estate sales revenue that the reason was 2007 dropped considerably 78.7% , but the vest in that the company realizes appears on the market the net profit of company shareholder grows 24.7% than 2006 however, achieve 750 million yuan; Every earnings increases 0.4 yuan of 2007 by 0.32 yuan of 2006. Because charge of corporation income tax drops considerably,this is and rights and interests of a few shareholder decreases considerably.

Although land home mouth has much trade property to be in,plan to build, but the pressure that the company does not have finance affairs to go up. The company has not had bank loan 3 years continuously, and all have every year on ten million yuan interest income (do not consider) of its capital utilization rate here. For instance, expenses of total capital of company budget annual was 4.6 billion yuan 2008, only the ” of capital steam again that company “ spends sale income in those days and “ Zhang face the balance of bank deposit (the monetary fund remaining sum of the company end 2007 amounts to 4.19 billion yuan) ” can satisfy its capital requirement.

Additional, land home mouth still has a potential gain to nod ——— to invest to the equity of numerous finance orgnaization. Land home mouth all has long-term equity investment to bank, stockjobber and insurance company, add up to 158 million yuan investment cost. With these financial orgnaizations close cooperation also is helpful for market of capital of company have the aid of optimizing the financial structure of the company.
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