House price falls urgently asset shrink

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On the conference yesterday, golden ground, 10 thousand divisions have chief to be pressed down with respect to Gansu of plum of ground of near future gold 2 period partial owner and the “ that owner of part of the 5th garden raises 10 thousand families depreciate compensation ” problem undertook publicity a response.

The Chen Kai that real estate is in bureau of house property of Shenzhen city land says on the seminar, according to the concerned regulation that top people court issues: Open to booking the price of commodity house, except national regulation “ solution of ” of small profit room, “ strands a room to must carry out a country ” beyond the price, contract double root occupies the price that estate market level agrees, also ought to give protection. A market value change with housing materials or commodity house for, the price that asks to change a contract to agree or remove of the contract, do not grant to support commonly. This clause still makes clear a regulation, development business cannot increase because of the cost such as construction material or the price of will original agreement raises house market price or remove contract, the person that buy a house at the same time also cannot because of commodity house price fall and the price fall that the requirement will agree formerly or remove contract.

Both sides of estate policy risk is carried in all

Chen Kai thinks, in estate domain, only each just its are in charge of each, ability realizes real estate to stabilize healthy progress continuously. “ is in estate domain, the person that buy a house also should have ‘ investment to have a risk, buy course of study needs the knowledge of careful ’ . ” Chen Kai says.

Xu Quan of chairman of Shenzhen city real estate association thinks, it is the crucial node that Shenzhen estate market grows currently, prospective value is adjusted inevitable. “ develops business to want the sale strategy with seasonable corresponding formulate, do not cause astatic element to the society. He says ” . Shenzhen wears river of Jiang Bing of director of heart bridge travel to express, policy risk is the biggest risk on house property market, this kind of risk should be assumed jointly by buyers and sellers, the person that buy a house should make clear “ investor conceit (risk) the principle of ” . Be like occurrence dispute, should not apply to the society pressure, adopt more reasonable means appropriate to dissolve dispute.


House price falls urgently, owner is about to return a house

As we have learned, this year on Feburary 24, gansu of golden ground plum is pressed down 3 period open quotation, the price is every square metre 11500 yuan, and last year July of open quotation 2 period the 2nd batch of prices are every square metre 15600 yuan, 3 period every square metre compares the price 2 period the 2nd batch low 4000 yuan. Accordingly, 2 period the 2nd batch part owner put forward to return a house, give decorate, car or the requirement that avoids 10 years of content to run cost.
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