Hangzhou: Advocate the city zone 3, promote room cause newly April 50

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The Zhejiang province that holds before two years is dozenth a new Lou Panzhong that Fang Bo appears on on the meeting, 80 square metre - this one side accumulates 100 square metre paragraph room source is almost blank, especially 90 square metre make work newly below source of small family room, it is to break archives nearly more. On the market in source of small family room, main by economy applicable room is mixed secondhand the room is propped up.

As national “90/70” policy (90 square metre are the following door model of the 70%) that room source must take market total supply promulgate, the village that plans according to this policy is rolled out in succession, hangzhou small family supply increases quickly. According to rich use real estate of news of network of room of transparent to Hangzhou carry out dog record, can discover: Last year in March advocate the city zone pushs Fang Yuanzhong newly, the room source under 90 square metre is occupied than having 24% only, and this year in March up to the open quotation Fang Yuanzhong yesterday, this scale rises suddenly to 68.2% , approach national “90/70” policy.

Rich move landed statistic to show, since this year March the building of open quotation dish include resurgence · and garden, Zun Lin is right abandon, aureate city is tasted, gold becomes · new court, green city · La Ting, gold radical the city of · Xiao Lu and · glamour of 10 thousand divisions He Binjiang, total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 2164, under 90 square metre door model predominate, among them of the city of glamour and 10 thousand beautiful cities promote room cause newly, under 90 square metre door model occupy than be close to 100% .

With advocate of the city zone bank river area is exemple, this area since add up to sells since net of room of transparent carry out is enlightened by 2005 gave 26778 commodity room, total floor area is 3569887 square metre, from this calculable piece set all housing area is 133 square metre. And since this year, one large quantities of advocate open new building small family dish concentration appears, area clinchs a deal set all the area drops apparently. This area the building that in future a few months will appear on first dish, mostly according to “90 square metre the following door model occupy 70%” to plan to design. Will be in in June of open quotation in total floor area of landscape of · Qian Tang is the sea left and right sides of 150 thousand square metre, head period the room cause that will promote besides 39 villa, the others is close 300 flatlet source is 90 square metre the following in small family; City of crystal of Qian Jiang · rolled out a batch of large family in April model hind, the small family that will roll out 700 or so in second half of the year; Still total floor area fills · east county for the glad of 330 thousand square metre, whole east the area all plans to build 90 square metre the following small family; Total floor area the scenery of Hua Rong · of 180 thousand square metre butterfly courtyard, source of small family room is occupied than also be being amounted to 70% .
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