3 annulus center predicts East Asia on March 29 open quotation all valence 12000

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 Function: MINI is praedial contented and ternary demand

It is reported, beijing East Asia is new China investment limited company enters estate market only 2 years of much time, but by right of its brand of “MINI praedial ” opened the market quickly, already developed a project to exceed 1 million to make the same score rice. “MINI praedial ” is accompanying orbit hub to appear, large center of choose location city, small core, small unit, low total prices, can satisfy the life, investment, poineering ternary requirement at the same time, this kind of bright characteristic and incomparable tall sex price compare a dominant position, make enter town firstly fame big a confusion of voices, when every MINI praedial project is rolled out, can cause intense attention of the society, 2006 source of room of first phase of abstruse north center inside 2 hours by scare buying one sky; In building city's full-bodied this year wait-and-see mood, on boreal center still heat is not decreased, from Feburary up to now, already accumulative total sells house of nearly 300 flatlet, occupied capital room city to trade almost the autograph measures about very one of, created the sale miracle of many estate market.

East Asia 3 annulus center is East Asia new China the 6th MINI is praedial, also be Beijing East Asia new China investment limited company, in opened heat area successfully inferior abstruse board piece, look at Beijing board piece reach a Long Guan board piece after estate market, be in south the first MINI praedial project that 3 annulus develop.

As south first MINI of the city is praedial, the area of subway upper cover advantage, increase family of limited means and without powerful connection model, of low total prices exceed threshold of low buy course of study, the life, investment, poineering ternary function, perfect form a complete set and high quality property serve, 3 annulus center is in East Asia south 3 annulus board piece have extremely strong competition dominant position, be sure to become south the another heat incident of city of 3 annulus building.

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