City of building of Chongqing of the half moon on March

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Chongqing building city clinchs a deal appear next small defeat: Measure and city of building of the Chongqing end Feburary clinchs a deal it is good that amount draws high interest quickly, can not go up in March half moon is inertial maintain, contrary, on March half-moon clinch a deal amount and amount present small to glide trend.

Show according to statistic of the data on net of Chongqing land bureau, arrived on Feburary 25 on March 2, this Zhou Cheng hands in 2252, clinch a deal area one hundred and ninety-nine thousand two hundred square metre, clinch a deal amount 818 million yuan; And arrived 16 days on March 10 this week, this week commodity house clinchs a deal 1640, clinch a deal area one hundred and sixty-two thousand three hundred square metre, clinch a deal amount 626 million yuan. Compare data to conclude: Each data has the half moon on March the fall of little scope.

Clinching a deal during gliding, house price also appears the fall of certain level, that week is in by Feburary, advocate the city clinchs a deal all valence still is in 4000 yuan / square metre (establish a range, similarly hereinafter) above, achieve 4104 yuan / square metre, however in March the middle ten days of a month the price of this week glided every square metre is controlled 250 yuan, achieve 3856 yuan / square metre. Be worth what carry is, this is near future of Chongqing building town clinch a deal all valence odd week drops first defeat 4000 yuan / square metre.

Nevertheless, the house price data of odd week can not go on behalf of cardinal principle situation. Go up from March half moon is new roll out 10 many taste newly in light of, much is new dish the price still maintains in 5000-6000 yuan / square metre this interval; In the meantime, look from the discount, besides a few development business is rolled out one-time 9.6 fold beyond, major new building dish discount means returns to Chongqing the most traditional one-time 9.8 fold, mortgage 9.9 change pattern. Because new product is in,price respect passed many market survey and analysis first toward the past, because of this price data of these products, also showed development company is right the confidence of the market.

   Turn building, building city chance?

In civilian capital most inside city of building of —— of market of two large investment and stock market, if say Chongqing estate near future lacks excited feature, so the queasy adventitious of stock market of near future China let a person remember last year once very popular topic: Turn building.

100 yuan of money in investor hand, often not was to entered the stock market to enter building town namely, removing those who play to fall greatly greatly compared with the stock market is a heartbeat, of building city firm in bullish more the power that invoked investor to take sedate course. Especially the near future, in Chinese stock market in sound of a sad wail, still be building city's reliable sound again rise steeply.
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