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By Feburary, shenzhen first floor of some famous development business dish the 3rd period public put on sale, its fix a price to be sold than last year 2 period every square metre dropped nearly 5000 yuan. Add the semifinished product room previously to turn into clothbound is repaired, develop business fold let extent exceed 30% actually, because this attracts many 2000 clients to choose a room to the spot, obtain a day of outstanding achievement that sells 300.

This one case lets angst the Shenzhen development business of half an year sees a hope. Ground of 10 thousand divisions, gold, medium the development business subordinate such as grain, Hua Tai all has a building dish reduce the price, reduced kind or it is price of small put on sale of mix of product of new first phase, or it is old product rolls out indulgence unit.

Those who deserve attention is, of large area depreciate to basically be centered in outside Shanghaiguan, with be in treasure exemple, have Tai Huayang early or late smooth sea, medium grain gets stuck collect community appear relatively substantially the price is reduced. Among them, shenzhen treasure is medium on March 15 first floor dish the message that through breath of mobile phone short message outward bound transmitted sales promotion of unit of partial bargain price, fold let extent achieve 65 fold, this is inspected Shenzhen building dish the delegate with the bigger amplitude modulation below the price.

Subsequently, shenzhen is bay amount to industrial development business is high-key hold a press conference, allege its subordinate building dish ” of “ bay city should undertake the price is adjusted immediately, drop in price of carry out floor 20%~30% . This dishes of immediately is sealed dish, say to appear on the market afresh after the price is adjusted. Bay amount to industrial the ” of action of name ——“ spring thunder that returned specially to take a quite intended place to depreciate this.

Although sell the action that brings get effect instantly to develop business,depreciate, the old owner that bought a house last year feels malcontent for the quick shrink of asset. In some building dish inside community forum, one net name is “ the sea 9 times to laugh at the netizen of ” to plaint: Unit price of “ favourable unit is less than 9000 yuan, and what I buy is 12800 yuan, coequal position, differ 3800 yuan, be bitterly disappointed. ”

Besides the dissatisfaction that oneself express on the net, partial old owner already open the real operation of ” of “ dimension authority, the old owner that asks to develop business to buy a house to high price people make compensation. A Bo Yizheng that develops business and former owner is in Shenzhen a lot of buildings dish inside spread out, even the plan that somebody makes “ retreat room ” .

Although be in jural, ” of authority of this “ dimension cannot get owner strong support, but the development business that is eager to maintaining brand image makes compromise actively already. The 5th garden rolls out 10 thousand divisions timelily ” of action of jade of its “ carve, give the means that decorate to offer compensation to old owner through coverting.
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