City of stannic a tower over a city gate appears spring in March

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Yesterday afternoon 3 when, the reporter is in charge of the contract on net of house of commodity of place of manage of inspect of bureau property right to put on record from town house systematic data shows be pleasant to the eye, the commodity house that day clinchs a deal the quantity already achieved 126. The personage inside one course of study sighs with emotion, last year, a flourishing of building city, the day of commodity house clinchs a deal the quantity maintains basically in 3 digit, but since this year, building city clinchs a deal insipid, the commodity house day Feburary all clinchs a deal the quantity has 39 only, let a person feel suddenly chill, commodity Fang Richeng hands in quantity regain now 3 digit, make a person really hearten.

Analytic personage thinks, the smooth state of city of the building that do not have stannum makes consumer begins to release the purchasing power of early days keep long in stock stage by stage. Business of a few development is mirrorred, the person that the near future sees a room seek advice to the selling office is apparent grow in quantity. Last double cease day reporter takes a friend to go south the city some building dish when watching example room, discovery has 45 archives person at the same time seeing a room. The staff member expresses, opened at 9 o'clock in the morning, the person of the room had not been broken in light of. Stannic city has two buildings last week dish roll out bridal chamber source, allegedly open quotation sold an about right that day, people looks the room, enthusiasm that buys a house to seem to be lighted again.

The personage inside course of study points out, the assorted effect of policy of macroscopical adjusting control, although the house price drop of city of a gleam of affected the psychology buying a house of the person that do not have stannum on certain level, but do not have stannic market on the whole and did not appear the change of how many materiality, house price does not have the wave motion in occurrence imagination, and the person hold back that the sales promotion method that develops business passion also lets buy room heart to cut did not live. The reporter notices the commodity house building that put on record yesterday dish, have what promote room cause newly recently not only, also have early days building dish those who appear on the market. The personage inside course of study expresses, after March, building city begins to enter normal ascendant passageway, development business is pushed dish rate also can increase, as large quantities of new dish in enriching the market, at the appointed time the choice of the citizen that buy a house will more capacious.

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