Tianjin of real estate of Beijing roc embellish takes the land

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Last week, on land market, torpid and old roc embellish is landed (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) had eventually with great quantity buying and selling, obtain Tianjin Huaming to press down a land with 2.555 billion yuan price, raised the nearly 433 thousand lot of smooth rice from this.

Actually, be in ZhongGuanCun (after 000931) debt defrost, personage of interior of roc embellish real estate discloses, the ZhongGuanCun of infuse of roc embellish real estate that Huang Guangyu of president of national beautiful group issues the standard of purpose, and increase land reserve ceaselessly, also be to be infuse asset to build situation.  

Quicken land reserve

As blame appear on the market partial asset, the outside is punch-drunk all the time to detail of Wu of real estate of pilot of yellow smooth abundant, the message from beginning to end that sees Zhu Baoduan also has change more, and the high level is frequent related the company alternate.

“ takes lot of next Tianjin Hua Mingzhen, make clear to energy is vacated to expand landed business in fizzling out to already involved village liability from which, increase land reserve hard. ” roc embellish is landed administrator of a middle-level thinks, if all “ going well, tianjin will become the another outspread town of military importance after Chongqing of chip in of national beautiful afterwards. ”

Additional, as we have learned, since July 2007, all the time the message says, roc embellish real estate is in Tianjin Heibei ave of river of area gold bell probable behead obtains two side a super plot, capacity of this plot system is made an appointment with 2.8 million smooth rice.

Respect of real estate of “ roc embellish plans denounce endowment 8 billion yuan will buy this lot. And to can ensure in one's hand, national beautiful field also is undertaking communication with local government all the time. Personage of ” know the inside story says.

But what this message did not get national beautiful respect is formal affirm.

Current, the business that national beautiful real estate ties is in the majority with residential business, the first city of United States mixes the country that basically includes Beijing tomorrow the first city, and afore-mentioned projects already all entered sale last phase. In addition, roc embellish real estate still has project of a residence in Chongqing roc embellish blue sea.

National beautiful high level ever expressed early or late, wu of industry of national beautiful ground will be extended to the whole nation, but landed scale is not at present large, basically center in the market such as Tianjin, Chongqing and Chengdu.

The personage discloses, estimation country beauty fastens landed land to lay in dimensions to won't exceed 3 million to make the same score rice, outspread effect is not apparent.
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