Town planning expert points out: Guangzhou CBD lacks commercial form a complete

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Vise general manager of 100 limited company of fine letter group hold general manager of commercial real estate concurrently Yang Jun a light boat expresses on the meeting, the fixed position of CBD of Pearl River new city in functional respect should be omnibus; The fixed position that opening gender and radiation limits field should be regional.

He thinks, at present the development project of governmental sex is put inside limits of Pearl River new city entirely, in order to form more large-scale intensive development, be helpful for forming CBD rudiment quickly, it is completely different that the development of this and area of border district of week of sports center of the Milky way and corridor of business of distance of the Milky way builds the force that basically relies on the market to drive.

But as Pearl River new city CBD develops ceaselessly, the place with insufficient program also is function of apparent —— commerce form a complete set area structure is not whole, layout and population distributing not to suit. According to market research analytic data shows, pearl River is apartment of office building of business affairs of new city CBD, international, hotel, at present high-grade consumptive population count roughly of the residence has 300 thousand, and to it of form a complete set only inattentive model skirt building business. Wait for high end like inn of large and high-grade department store, integrated supermarket, shopping centers, large major service industry, cannot satisfy CBD of Pearl River new city far the demand henceforth, will weaken CBD of Pearl River new city so collect radiation function and integral competition ability.

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