Store of flagship of MOSCHINO China trade opens

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On January 20, 2008, store of the first flagship of Moschino Beijing in China trade shopping centers opens, indicating this brand is farther extend the business in Chinese inland market.
Moschino flagship store is located in China trade shopping centers, gross area 186 smooth rice, behave theme of ” of “ demon fokelore with surrealism gimmick. Push the entrance door of Moschino heart handle, you will step a snow-white and pure demon unreal world. The in displaying prop to deduce blackart forest classical element with lively will traditional colour; The heart that Jiang Guangshe is shooting on vitreous droplight one string to string together glittering and translucent get rid of to appear hang adorn article, as be born face dripping like blackart rain, as mutual as inlaid metal heart reflect. The tree body that aluminium or black metal make is displayed frame, lean on wall extend branches and leaves, if dress hangs down like fact hang among them. The carpet of Lu lux yarn of Can Can is depicted dispatch floral is elegant, added continuously warmth for lily-white marble ground. The series such as Moschino Cheap And Chic, Moschino Jeans Donna, Moschino Donna, Moschino Uomo and Uomo was displayed inside inn each design.
Moschino brand founded 1983, the design that devotes oneself to fashionable dress of male and female and make. Chun Xia series was used 2008 precious explained “ with exclusive cloth additional kind, the concept of soft beauty, classical, perfect ” , ” of flix of silk of for example “ , apply the Ma Dela embroidery on PVC, the bud silk edge on infrequent organza, and jacket, journey jacket, formal attire, handbag, shoe and other fashionable dress and deserve to act the role of.

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