CBD enters traditional weak lease

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To the limit of one's capacity of market of CBD office building, greet traditional weak lease

According to Beijing property of high power international serves limited company report of market of office building of 3 quarters Beijing showed 2007: 2007 the 3rd quarter, CBD area greeted to supply fastigium, share pay of 3 new projects to use, offerred for office building market 163, of 000 square metre increase supply newly, occupy Beijing 55% what market of whole office building increases supply newly.

The project that and be entered newly lives unites property right and benefit to be managed at management with facilitating to assure the character of oneself, basically use hire the sale pattern that does not make work only, this will increase the competitive pressure that rents the market to project of old office building on certain level. Because a few old office building on the market are faced with office facilities,its reason basically is opposite stale, and the demand that is in some former upstairs writing that be in very hard also to find redundant area to satisfy partial company enlarge to hire, because of this a few new projects, be like a world the project such as center of money of luxuriant edifice, century, the office solid inflict with its distinctive design concept and modernization and establishment of perfect form a complete set got demand person chase after hold in both hands.

Besides the account that supplies a side besides the market, rent the land of the gold of the market as Beijing office building, the office building of CBD area the expression of the renting market of 3 quarters, also got the influence of other side. Occupy Dai Deliang to be analysed all right, begin from 3 quarters, the optional location job of 7 years of office building of company of great majority international already was finished in succession, the west is important at the same time festal drawing near, can cause an effect to the renting outstanding achievement of office building greatly. The CBD region market that gives priority to with international client especially, appear every year traditional weak lease.

Off-season not weak, world luxuriant edifice is held in both hands by market heat

But fall in afore-mentioned market condition, author basis is relevant data, discover however: 2007 the office building of area of CBD of the 3rd quarter rents the market in, the renting forehead of luxuriant edifice took the life the whole market forehead that rent spends 4 into the left and right sides.

World luxuriant edifice is the office building of 5A first class that luxuriant group division leaves the world, also be luxuriant group is in the world Beijing field, afterwards world luxuriant abstruse after facing garden project, the project of another high end that rolls out in CBD gold a sector of an area first. The edifice is located at Chang'an Street east extension line, be linked together with Beijing TV station, center of the trade that spur a nation only 500 meters, belong to project of CBD core area. World luxuriant edifice total floor area 72194 square metre, among them 1 it is property of large and integrated commerce to 4, 5 do public property line of business for high-grade office building to 21. Edifice main body connects composition of office building of first class of body international 5A by 3, building system is internal from 100 smooth rice arrives space of business affairs of 2551 square metre, can set the requirement with contented and different client neatly.
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