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Customers signing ceremony was held in JNU

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With the continued eastward expansion of the territory in Zhengzhou, in the region living facilities, commercial facilities, municipal facilities and other resources, improving, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng Road, which highlights the region has slowly out of the new city center of Zhengzhou, the characteristics of an economic activity, commercial downtown , convenience, complete and perfect the all-district have gradually matured. However, as the connection with Erqi Plaza Zhengzhou CBD, Zhengzhou new image of the ascending dragon Phoenix? Universal Plaza, in contrast, the standard business office of the top world standard, high-end office space to fill the city center gap in the market, which makes business district of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng With the new business space, but also marks the business district of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng entered a new business era. December 11, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng Road shopping area the only Class 5A landmark office building - Thang Long Phoenix? Universal Plaza Jinan customers products that will be in the city signing ceremony held at Crowne Plaza Plains. Activities not yet started, the scene is noisy and a lot of friends in the media and guests bustling shuttle ready for it. Following the home of Henan Hong Jie, general manager of Mr. Lin Yong welcoming remarks, the Thang Long Phoenix? Universal Plaza Jinan customers products that will officially begin signing ceremony, all the media and guests who witnessed the signing ceremony of the grand occasion of this . Ten o'clock, in a passionate violin trio played together, the Thang Long Phoenix? Worldwide Plaza office building "products that will JNU customers signing ceremony" officially kicked off. Wang Jie, general manager of Henan Province Properties Limited on behalf of Mr. Lin Yong Thang Long in Phoenix? Universal Square office to do a warm opening speech to the guests arrived at the scene sketched out a big business in Zhengzhou center clear blueprint. The total forest that Thang Long Phoenix? International Plaza is committed to building brands and business elite field of pure business, and create a professional business environment and business communication platform, software and hardware supporting a par with international standards are designed to international Grade A office service concept, a comprehensive service model customized and personalized services, high-end shopping district of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng full office build a model of urban elite to create high-quality new business era. Subsequently, as the Thang Long in Phoenix? Worldwide Plaza office building, one of the major clients of Zhengzhou City of Industry, Building Materials Branch Secretary Mr Huang Xiangqing speech also came to power. Secretary Dominic WONG first Thang Long Phoenix? Worldwide Plaza office building located in Zhengzhou and Kaifeng Road shopping area, to enhance the image of the regional business highly positive, and expressed confidence in the project! Meanwhile, the Secretary Dominic WONG position will also bring business to all construction materials branch staff, trying services, enterprises and businesses within the region, and we create brilliant! The two leaders finished the speech, the Thang Long Phoenix? Universal Square office space stage Account Manager, expressed their own advantages and prospects of the project's view, the presence of the business elite to send warm applause spontaneously express their own identity Clearly, the Thang Long International Plaza, the business value brought to everyone. It is reported that this event Thang Long Group from Shanghai, Henan, Hong Jie effort to host the Properties Limited. Thang Long Phoenix? Universal Plaza, the ceremony is the event to a climax. Electric Henan Branch West Germany, leading Trading Company, Atrium of Trade Co., Ltd., Shanghai Golden Boy King Garments Co., Ltd., the Yellow River Air Separation Group, Chi Cheung Investment Guarantee Corporation, Investment Company Yao and Shun, Jin Taicheng Business Operations Management Co., Ltd. domestic and foreign brands have entered the Thang Long International Business Plaza, the signing ceremony also to all of you business has proved its value and future appreciation potential of the infinite. After the signing ceremony, MP4, digital cameras, iPhone4 have mobile phones and other exciting prize draw, lucky draw in a tense excitement in Phoenix this Thang Long? Universal Plaza Jinan office products customers signing ceremony that will also come to an end ! Let us look forward, as more companies enter, Thang Long Phoenix? Worldwide Plaza office building in the future more bright blooming business shine! Thang Long International Plaza Description: Thang Long International Plaza is located in the central city of 1.85 million square meters Thang Long urban complex of international 5A Phoenix Grade A office space in town, business district of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng needs to be born, not only location, convenient traffic, the surrounding business support resources to improve And with the image of the absolute high-end business, hardware configuration, fully meet the modern business office's image and efficiency requirements. Thang Long Phoenix, have their own business, hotels, apartments and the resulting financial, conferences, high-end business catering, leisure and entertainment, reasonable structure, function perfect combination of resources available, will effectively reduce the business radius, each functional coupling, performance Zoom, which will directly reduce the assigned business office costs, improve efficiency, help achieve the maximization of profits.

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