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Asian Games to the force headquarters in Pearl River New City office rental ho

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Opportunities in the Asian Games event held, as a business card, Guangzhou city, the economic card in the Pearl River New City, ushered in a new opportunity for development. Not only the various areas of urban infrastructure construction has been a qualitative improvement, but thanks to the publicity effect of the Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies attracted a large number of quality companies rush in to make the region more office leasing market is a hot trend . This reporter learned that, as a "fifth-generation eco-headquarters" of the Department of the U.S. House has also recently launched a global leasing and hardware configuration, with its perfect, and the higher the price advantage, attracting a large number of leading enterprises stationed. Across the Asian Games event to help the development of the Pearl River New City It is understood that in order to further consolidate and improve the Pearl River New City "financial headquarters base" position and improve the function of supporting the region, shortly before the relevant departments of Guangzhou Municipal Government proposed CBD expansion of the planning program, plans to members of the village into the territory of which CBD. According to the plan, members of the village will continue gathering Pearl River New City area of financial functions, and integration into the Pearl River New City - Members of the village financial business district, the goal is completion of "financial headquarters base", in pursuit of planning and construction, hardware and software environment par Lujiazui, Shanghai. In fact, with the advent of the Asian Games, Guangzhou city as a business card, CBD of the Pearl River New City, is already ushered in the full bloom of the moment. This reporter learned that, at present, the Pearl River New City area of major trunk road has basically opened the road everywhere bid farewell to the past, "decapitation" of the embarrassing situation. In addition, with the subway three, fifth line, and the APM (ie Pearl River New City passenger transport system) the opening of the Pearl River New City is that of public transport facilities upgraded to a new level. Many residential and office in the region are members of the public said that compared with the previous, Pearl River New City traffic travel has been greatly improved, more convenient, and more beautiful. It can be said, beautiful Flower City Square, easily accessible and underground rail network, improve the function of supporting the increasingly so, this has greatly enhanced the image of the region highly questionable, but also more area into a new driving force for development. Meanwhile, the friendship between the opening of the country gold shop, but also further enrich the region's business climate. At this point, Zhujiang New City, after ten years of development, formally announced upgraded to a new level. "Financial headquarters" to attract famous enterprises gather This reporter learned that, as the Asian Games held in the Pearl River New City gradually being awakened in the recent office leasing market was active, regional rent has increased overall, a number of projects is the emergence of large transactions. If a well-known banks have recently officially entered Poly Center, Landmark High German is also climbing higher and higher occupancy rates. It is understood, Zhujiang New City, most of Grade A office rents in the 150 to 200 yuan / square meter / month or so, the highest in Guangzhou, the first major regions. The industry said the major projects with regional product positioning are related, at present, Zhujiang New City, new office project, are super-grade configuration, compared with the previous, whether in hardware or software support on both With more substantial improvement. At the same time, more concerned with the regional location. Experts said the positioning of Guangzhou Pearl River New City CBD, financial headquarters base, is the gateway to the city's economy, it is the image of the city's business card. This not only has the strength of a large number of enterprises, creating extraordinary sophistication for the region's business climate, while supportive government policies, administrative bodies in this district, as well as the improvement of urban infrastructure, not only for enterprises to provide a good and convenient the working conditions, but also help to improve the corporate image and strength of the office show, for enterprises to lay a good foundation for further development. Building Department official launch of the global leasing U.S. High-end office buildings of the Pearl River New City, the reporter found, "the headquarters of the fifth generation of eco-enterprises" as the Orientation Meeting Mansion, has also recently launched a global leasing and strength of attracting a large number of companies locating here. According to the relevant person in charge of the project, as the region's rare type of office product sales, the U.S. Department of Building, opened by the end of April this year and has been sought after by the market, so far, the project is first to market 23,000 square meters office space has been sold out out of stock, sales of close to 6 million, attracted a large number of listed companies, the leading private enterprises, the strength of the buyer admission, the headquarters for the project to lay a good economic foundation and office environment. Currently, access to global leasing stage of the project, will further attract more leading enterprises stationed. According to reports, the Department of the United States can be rental unit building is currently building area of 500 to 2100 square meters, customer orientation is still the headquarters of enterprises. Grade A office space in most of the monthly management fee of 25 to 30 yuan / square meter case, a 24-hour advantage in the Department of the United States office buildings, also employ platinum properties international property management company, management fee is only 15 yuan / square meter, no doubt greatly reduce the cost of the daily operations of enterprises settled in the region cost is extremely clear.

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