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Square of rich China border

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Basic message
Decorate a state: Decorate first
Property current situation: Complete
Building category: High level
Property address: New Hua Lu of Na Ming area 126
Develop business: Guizhou is rich in estate develops finite liability company
Hire / carry out phone: 5513999
Price description: An one price
All valence: 6600 yuan / square metre

Historical price: Clock is hired / carry out all valence is hired / carry out maximum price is hired / description of price of carry out minimum price
1 2006-6-23- - up to now 6600 yuan / square metre an one price

Parking space: 500
Floor area: 60000 square metre
Afforest rate: 30%
Floor state: 30

Establishment of form a complete set
Circumjacent form a complete set: Other: The garden in sky: Afforest of every garden in setting the air that make is recreational establishment, offer and the contact with optional and intimate nature, can be in cheerful in make your work efficiency and extraordinary creativity get excitation.

Building materials equipment: Big: 400 square metre, carry 9 meters tall hollow old hall, create broad communication vacuum for you, configuration of economy of colorful culture, diversiform, diversiform business circles elite gathers together, hand in photograph reflect.
Elevator: Elevator of high speed of 9 Germany THYSEEN (2.5 meters / second) , offer for you efficient the traffic in the sky that does not have block, execute management of intelligence of computer group control.
Fire control: Lou Yu runs intelligent system, people's air defense and ability prevent photograph union, provide fire control of 24 hours and safe and defensive service.
Communication: Broadband INTERNET network, offer efficient contemporary highway, efficient and fast finish all sorts of contemporary business affairs to communicate with the activity.

Project introduction
Functional layout:
Advocate building 1—4 layer is business the room makes an appointment with 6000 square metre, deserve to center of bar of finance, safe, meal, recreational fitness, aviation, communication, conference waits for industry and establishment, together with is located Guiyang center is new China the environment with the industry of form a complete set such as the urban liaison man with perfect block and advanced hotel, apartment, finance and Na Minghe good side, satisfy at the need of the business affairs activity with all-around user.
Advocate building 5—30 layer is scriptorium of professional first class, monolayer floor area makes an appointment with 1600 square metre, unit floor area makes an appointment with 150—200—300- - 480 square metre.
Square of rich China border------First selection of office building of first class of Guizhou concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, the internationalization collaboration after joining WTO to get used to Chinese inland, offer top-ranking modern business affairs to garrison preeminent company of the international of Guizhou and southwest, home office facilities. Square of rich China border fills concept of minute of analytic and modern office and requirement, combinative nature landscape and natural resources of land of the subsoil in digging a city adequately undertake planning to design, high bright the facility that builds exterior, harmonious contemporary colour and lively line and high level and adornment, creation faces the platform of business affairs office of the world.
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