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World trade square

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Basic message
What belong to trade group: Violet Lin An
Decorate a state: Semifinished product
Property current situation: Complete
Building category: High level
Property address: Date of 48-56 of the road in Yan'an of cloud cliff area (by cloud cliff Children's Palace)
Develop business: Guizhou Guizhou valuable estate develops limited company
Sell certificate: 2004088
Selling office address: The road in Yan'an
Hire / carry out phone: 8638888
Price description: Lump-sum payment 9.9 fold
All valence: 5700 yuan / square metre

Historical price: Clock is hired / carry out all valence is hired / carry out maximum price is hired / description of price of carry out minimum price
1 2007-2-25- - up to now 5700 yuan / square metre lump-sum payment 9.9 fold
2 2006-6-23 4400 yuan / square metre
3 2005-8-19 4672 yuan / square metre
4 2005-6-19 3948 yuan / square metre
5 2005-2-19 4199 yuan / square metre
6 2004-10-1 3464 yuan / square metre

Property administration fee: 3.5 yuan / month of square metre ·
Enter time: 2006-01-01
Floor area: 43600 square metre
Floor state: 25

Project introduction
Project overall height is 25, underground is a parking lot 2 layers, form a complete set of business of building of 1-5 layer skirt, 6 are met for gardens type business affairs place and conference center, 7-15 layer is office building of pure business affairs.
The garden in secondary floor sky, a landscape balcony, indoor allpass shows a design, use cast-in-place concrete solely hollow building covers patent technology, promote indoor headroom height, can realize the aleatoric space of interior space.

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