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CID is silver-colored

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3, elevator hall (1F) : Granitic metope, face of microcrystalline stone quality of a material, high grade illumination luminaries
4, elevator: Elevator of 3 international famous brand, make contemporary business affairs more easy;
5, toilet: Ground laid is advanced prevent slippery floor tile, high-grade aluminium board smallpox, marble washs side stage, famous brand clean is provided, high-grade face lens.
6, public passage: High-grade wall brick places the glass that grind sand, face of microcrystalline stone quality of a material, smallpox of calcareous plate of silicon of high-grade fire prevention
7, office space: Smallpox of calcareous plate of silicon of high-grade fire prevention, high grade floodlight, strong report is expressed door, reserve lash-up dynamo, network of broadband of closed-circuit television, high speed, phone puts through door, toughened glass double open a door
8, recreational culture area: Layer upon layer content has wall of culture of classic and contemporary and horticultural landscape, recreational desk and chair, theme not, style each different, a dinkum wisdom space.

Intelligent system:
Elevator runs supervisory system
Jockey intelligent management system
Change distribution automation system
Communal illume controls a system
System of communal music broadcasting
High speed network is broadband system
System of automatic fire alarm
Gush of automatic fire prevention drenchs system
System of PDS integrated wiring
System of Lou Yu mobile telephone
Public information electron releases a system

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