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CID is silver-colored

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Property management serves a standard: Mo of the class that bring up Piao pours Fei Yu to grasp cut up with a hay cutter to spend   Mo to pour cap of sheng of hole of Fei Xing Jing to sunlight flesh punishs property of city of  ?ldquo; Guiyang to manage outstanding edifice ” to be test standard.

◆ property standard serves:
One, property is common place, common the maintenance of establishment, equipment, conserve and management
1. Maintenance is led in time 100% , repair leads ≤2% ;
2. Job of the establishment inside working hours, equipment is regular.
2, property is common the cleanness of place and relevant field is wholesome, the collection of rubbish, Qing Dynasty carries, the dredge of conduit of rain, sewage
1. Environmental sanitation is neat, clean, without sundry;
2. Rubbish is collected, clear carry is seasonable;
3. Conduit of rain, sewage keeps expedite.
3, the conserve of communal afforest and management
1. Seasonable clip;
2. Nursery stock grows good;
3. Kill bug, fertilization regularly.
4, car place management
1. Traffic order intelligence is changed guide, management;
2. Orderly park is in car inside designation area;
5, public order is safeguarded, safety is on guard the assistance administration that waits for item
1.24 hours of make one's rounds more systematic government;
2. It how perimeter, unit door defends a system is normal how perimeter, unit door defends a system;
3. Expedite, fire extinguishing system uses fire control channel normally.
6, adornment decorates administrative service
Detailed sees " silver-colored adornment decorates a business affairs large building administrative measure "
7, management of property archives data
1. Archives person specially assigned for a task is collected, arrange, stand to coil and file;
2. Archives management is complete, orderly;
3, build double archives to run a system;

◆ appreciation serves:
Free project:
1, wet lends an umbrella the service
2, the electron shows a service (electronic screen hire)
3, activity of edifice community culture
4, do sth for sb the phone is enlightened reach a network to debut
5, fee of telephone bill of acting pay phone, network
6, era orders airline ticket service
7, information of property major knowledge, advisory service
Collect fees project:
1, indoor and paid maintenance serves
2, indoor and paid homemaking serves
3, buy on sb's behalf office things
4, do sth for sb property right serves
5, acting owner is rental, sell the building serves
7, type, the groovy office such as duplicate serves
8, muti_function auditoria hires a service

Reach room level:
Hardware part:
One, outside establish a range: New-style outside wall craft and material, glass of gray plating Mo
2, the entrance is big: Astral class decorates a level, small spar of ground laid elegance is qualitative, granitic metope, advanced lamp is acted the role of, the front is wall of act of the toughened glass that choose form and automatic door.
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