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Basic message
What belong to trade group: Small cross
Decorate a state: Semifinished product
Property current situation: Ground superstratum
Building category: High level
Property address: Road of the Shandong in small cross of cloud cliff area 32
Traffic situation: 4, 5, 21, 25, 40, 44, 202, 251 wait for nearly 40 public transportation courses
Develop business: Limited company of development of Guizhou Camry estate is relevant website
Sell certificate: (2006) the room that build business opens to booking accurate word (079) date
Selling office address: Guiyang city small cross
Hire / carry out phone: 0851-5815111/5872111

Minimum price: 6900 yuan / square metre

Historical price: Clock is hired / carry out all valence is hired / carry out maximum price is hired / description of price of carry out minimum price
1 2007-12-3- - up to now 6900 yuan / square metre
2 2007-11-16 7000 yuan / square metre
3 2007-5-31 5400 yuan / square metre
4 2007-2-13 5500 yuan / square metre lump-sum payment 9.9 fold
5 2007-1-23 5200 yuan / square metre 4900 yuan / square metre is uptodate buy total value enjoy 9.8 lose privilege, mortgage 9.9 lose privilege

Open quotation time: 2007-07-21
Start date: 2005-8-16
Cover an area of an area: 2450 square metre
Volume ratio: 7.63
Total a number: 151
Parking space: Two parking lots of project underground, nearly 200 cars
Property administration fee: 4 yuan / month of square metre ·
Enter time: 2007-12-01
Date of completion: 2007-11-30
Floor area: 27000 square metre
Afforest rate: 24.50%
Floor state: 24

Hello, I see your information from search room net, excuse me. . . . . . The sale telephone that search room net offers: 0851-5815111/5872111
Establishment of form a complete set
Circumjacent form a complete set: City of film of starlight of company of Guiyang evening paper, century, Wen Changge and big cross are recreational square
Building materials equipment:

Picture of more bridal chamber reveals area CID silver more picture

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Project introduction
Pure office building of 50 years of property right, be located in small cross, border city of century starlight movie and TV, big crossed square. The city such as road of project periphery Zhongshan, China road, rich lode, Wen Changlu is main road freely crisscross, the central value infuse that is a project more motivation. Wen Changge looks east, danamen comes south, boreal overlook fountain, big crossed square is faced on the west. Building density: 42%
A communal toilet was designed in every, in every open up the recreational culture area of a rich individual character and culture connotation. Deserved to set astral stage old hall, muti_function class of auditoria, 5 stars shows the professional form a complete set such as hall, coffee hall and recreational teahouse. Go up besides the ground temporarily outside parking space, 2 layer, three-layer of subterranean design a car entirely, car nearly 200, car deserve to compare with owner in 1.2:1Above, satisfied the need of modern office adequately. Additionally the project holds to principle of ” of billabong of “ person car, designed circular passageway, those who assured car pass in and out is fast, convenient.
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