Fill a report high to say Chinese ground industry anabiosises still need two pea

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Fill a report high to say Chinese ground industry anabiosises still need two peak period at least

Recently, investment bank is filled high release triplet to study a report continuously, speak bluntly is right of real-estate industry durative anabiosis still lack confidence. Gao Cheng thinks, drop in house price, the dweller bears to ability increases ceaselessly along with income and rise accordingly, the trade investment that 2 quarters began 2008 is added fast continue to put delay (include area of project of new go into operation, in establish area of project area and finishing already project) below case, the situation of supply and demand that still needs ability of two sales busy season to allow residential market at least reachs a more balanced level.

In studying a report, gao Cheng points out, after although be in,the near future issues defeat considerably, landed course of study appears on the market the share price of the company basically had been digested short-term the main area hazard inside, but long-term to the industry durative anabiosis still hope is scant. Nevertheless, if governmental near future rolls out the strong policy that be helpful for demand or promotes growth to come,carry brace up market confidence, keep abreast of and raise estate market to trade quantity, so the foreground of real-estate industry can become hopeful.

Industry foreground nots allow hopeful, development business depreciates in succession, together with dweller buys room apiration to achieve 10 years to come lowest. Guo Shiping of director of institute of finance of Shenzhen university international expresses for a time, this year is the autumn of real-estate industry, it is in the winter next year, and the midwinter period that the year after next will be this industry.

Estate market occurrence problem, browbeat directly will be a bank. Gao Cheng is considering to point out when domestic banking, real-estate loan is in short-term inside have a risk, systematization risk is inferior.

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