The subway start working of the end of the year of 14 lines hopeful will allevia

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The subway start working of the end of the year of 14 lines hopeful will alleviate south station traffic pressure

The reporter learns yesterday, include 14 7 lines, lines and 15 lines inside 3 subways all hopeful is before the end of the year start working. And as the subway of 14 lines enlightened, will alleviate south pressure of traffic of station road surface, bridge of channel of benefit good Lu is mixed real estate of two large area, business grows dish door camp, and the traffic lifeblood that this line also will become Beijing southwest to develop.

Hopeful of station traffic pressure alleviates south

14 lines remove Beijing subway on the west the Lu channel bridge of abundant stage area, the station of Taipei of road of bridge of edge Lu channel, abundant, station austral Li Zelu, Beijing, high speed of airport of road of bridge of park of way of stand of road, gold, rising sun, winebibber, capital, along the line visitting capital hopes to distributing greatly on the west, arrive at terminus to come finally wide battalion. Pass abundant stage, Xuan Wu, Chong Wen on the way, east city, rising sun 5 areas. Circuit makes an appointment with 42.2 kilometers endlong, get offline for the ground entirely, set a station in all 35.

Its build a company to express yesterday, 14 lines will divide the subway period construction, first phase project is east the river extends a way to wide canal road, circuit makes an appointment with 30 kilometers endlong, set a station in all 22, predict to invest 18 billion yuan, final two period project hopeful built be open to traffic 2012.

“ subway of 14 lines enlightened, will become alleviate the establishment of important form a complete set of pressure of traffic of the station austral prospective Beijing. ” Beijing compasses appoint relevant expert expresses, at present as a result of only 4 lines can mix the subway south the station is linked together, from long-term consideration, at present railroad of already enlightened border of Beijing ferry city stands south the course, and after be open to traffic of tall iron of prospective Beijing Shanghai, also will arrive at south station. This still will be added undoubtedly south the traffic pressure of the station. Only 4 lines perforative south the orbit traffic of the city can't assume so high traffic pressure, and of 14 lines enlightened, will serve greatly at the station austral Beijing, alleviate the pressure of road surface traffic that the station austral Beijing will face.

Two large area accept battalion of Lu channel bridge, dish door continuously beneficial

After formal operation, 14 lines will pass the subway early or late park of battalion of Lu channel bridge, dish door, strong pine, 4 benefit, rising sun, visit capital 6 big real estate and commercial group. “ is opposite and character, lu channel bridge is mixed the real estate of two large area mixes dish door battalion commercial project will be direct subway of benefit from benefit from of 14 lines enlightened. ”21 century is praedial Qi Fan of manager of Beijing field department says.
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